Professional Diaphragm Seal Manufacturer
  • The first line of defense against harsh production conditions.
  • Prevent gauges, switches, and transmitters from clogging and corrosion.
  • It can be designed with a cooling element.
  • Protect gauge from extreme heat.
  • Accurate and reliable. Leak-proof.
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Your Expert Diaphragm Seal Supplier in China

BCST diaphragm seal could be a flexible membrane that seals and isolates an enclosure. The flexible nature of this seal allows pressure effects to cross the barrier but not the fabric being contained. Common uses for diaphragm seals are to shield pressure sensors from the fluid whose pressure is being measured.

BCST diaphragm seal is employed with pressure gage, pressure transmitter, pressure switch, and pressure transducers on process applications. In addition, BCST manufactures an entire line of diaphragm seals for a range of industries and processes.

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BCST your One-Stop Diaphragm Seal Solution in China

BCST is your reliable supplier of diaphragm seals from China. Jointly of the leading manufacturers, BCST offers a good range of diaphragm seals within the market with a competitive price grounded on your design’s conditions.

BCST has successfully designed, manufactured, and deliver high-quality diaphragm seals everywhere in the globe for many years. With our specialized professional team, BCST gives you the diaphragm seals result.

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Why Purchase Diaphragm Seals from BCST

Complete diaphragm seal solution  for all process applications

  • Up to +420°C  and 0…40MPA
  • Customized wetted Part materials: tantalum, titanium, Hastelloy®, gold or highly vacuum-proof PTFE coating
  • Small temperature impact based on innovative diaphragm technology

What is the function of the diaphragm seal?


BCST Diaphragm seals are mainly used to stop the process medium from entering directly into the pressure-sensing assembly of pressure measuring instruments, like Differential pressure transmitters, pressure gauges, etc. It can protect valuable pressure instruments from potential damage caused by corrosive media or clogging from slurries, especially in wastewater processing.

Diaphragm seals have a wide selection of compatible wetted part materials, such as 316 stainless steel, Monel and Tantalum, titanium, gold, or highly vacuum-proof PTFE coating.

What are the Applications suitable for a diaphragm seal system? 


For measuring the fluid  level, density, flow, and pressure, including

  • High and low-temperature fluids or medium
  • highly corrosive fluid
  • High viscosity fluids
  • the fluids which may cause clogging inside impulse piping under  the low temperature
  • The toxic gas, liquid, oil, etc
  • the fluids containing suspended goods which are deposited in the impulse piping and will lead to

Application-diaphragm seal

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