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BCST Hart communicators are a powerful tool for communicating with process instruments. HART stands for Highway Addressable Remote Transducer. The hart communication protocol uses the Bell 202 Frequency shift keying standard, which is the global standard for sending and receiving digital information.

BCST offers HART 475 communicator and Colorful Hart 475 communicator, a handheld-type based on HART protocol that performs configuration, management, maintenance, and adjustment to all HART compatible instruments.

If you’d wish to know more about HART communicators, you’ll email us.

BCST Your One-Stop Hart Communicator Solution from China

BCST is additionally a specialized manufacturer and trader of HART communicators in China with over 20 years of experience.

BCST manufactures customized HART communicator supported advanced microcomputer technology. With Germany imported spare parts and devices, the BCST HART communicator has its unique structure with excellent performance. With available raw materials and spare parts, BCST includes a fast delivery time.

As flow technology has become cheaper, HART communicators are more practical and accurate. you may be able to speak to our professional technical team to induce the right product for your application.

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