RF Admittance Level Switch

RF Admittance Level Switch

RF Admittance Level Switch

RF Admittance Level Switch JCRF series adopts advanced RF admittance technology and overcomes the defects that the capacitor level switch could not eliminate the effect by conductive hanging material. The instrument operates reliably and various technical indexes have archived the international level, which is widely used in control and alarm of liquid, pulp, powder, material level and two different liquid levels. In addition, this product have status indication at site, it is a high cost performance and stable level sensor.

RF Admittance Level Sensor RF series consists of sensor unit and electronic unit. The sensor unit mainly includes three parts: measurement probe, shaded pole and ground terminal. The material level is reflected through the change of admittance between the probe and vessel wall. When the level reaches to the switch working point, the electronic unit makes response and driver replay acts,

Thus output switch signal. The shaded pole can prevent fault signal generated due to the handing on the electrode from occurring. Only when the level actually archives the set point can the switch control signal be output.

Technical Parameter

Power Supply: 220VAC,50/60Hz / 24VDC,100mA

Sensitivity: 0.3pF or smaller

Operating Temperature: -20~180℃

Ambient Temperature: -40~80℃

Working pressure: -0.1~2.5MPa

Output: DPDT Relay

Contact rating: 220VAC,5A non-inductive,3A inductive

Response Time: Standard:0.2 S

Delay Time: 0.2~90 S adjustable

Electric Interface: M20×1.5

Explosion-proof Grade: Explosion-proof: ExdIIBT4~T6,

Intrinsical Safety:ExiaIICT4~T6

Protection Grade: IP65

Process Connection: standard:3/4″NPT thread/1″NPT thread

HG20592~20635-97 DN25 above, other flange standard (Like GB、JB/T、HGJ、ANSI、DIN etc.) The user must clearly specify when ordering.

Cable Length: The maximum distance from Split type sensor to electronic unit is 45m. If not specified by the user, the length when leaving factory is 3m.

Material Contacts Liquid: 304/316SS and PTFE

Junction Box Material: Aluminum Alloy

Model Selection

RF Admittance Level Sensor, heavy hanging resistant, with switch status indication, independent terminal box
Power supply 1 24 VDC
2 220 VAC
3 Universal power supply 24 VDC/220VAC
Sensitivity 0 Standard sensitivity (for conductive medium)
2 High sensitivity (for isolated medium )
Time Delay 0 Without Time Delay (standard circuit unit);
1 With Time Delay (0.2~90 s adjustable)
Instrument type 9 Integral Type;
0 Split Type
Process connection 1 Thread connection
2 Flange connection
Explosion-proof 0 Common Type;
D Explosion-proof Type
E Intrinsically Safe Type
Electrode Material 01 Standard Type (<121°C)
11 Heavy Hanging Type
21 Moderate Temp. Type (<180°C)
31 Anticorrosion Type
41 Flat type
Insertion Depth Unit(mm)

How to order RF Admittance Level Switch

  1. Medium
  2. Power supply
  3. Viscosity
  4. Process connection
  5. Insertion depth

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