JC010 Thermal Mass Gas Flow Meter

JC010 Thermal Mass Gas Flow Meter can measure the mass and volume flow rate of gas without humidity and pressure compensation.

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The working principle of JC010 Thermal Mass Gas Flow Meter is that a fluid flowing past a heated temperature sensor removes a known quantity of heat as it passes. In a thermal flowmeter, the fluid has to pass two temperature sensors. One sensor obtains a reference value by measuring the actual process temperature. The second sensor is a heating element and it receives precisely as much energy as is needed to compensate for dispersed heat and maintain a precisely defined temperature difference.

The higher the mass flow past the heated temperature sensor, the more heat is dissipated and the more power has to be input to the element to maintain the temperature difference.

The heating current, therefore, is a measure of the mass flow of the gas.

Due to the sensor temperature is always 30℃ higher than the medium temperature (environment temperature), and the meter adopts the method of constant differential temperature, therefore the meter does not need to do temperature and pressure compensation in principle.

Introduction-thermal mass flowmeter 1

Dimension-thermal mass fowmeter

  • Measure mass flow, no need for humidity and pressure compensation.
  • Large rangeability, flow velocity: 0.1 Nm/s~100Nm/s.
  • No pressure drops, applicable to any section pipe.
  •  Anti-corrosion, applicable to corrosive gas.
  • Online installation and maintenance.
  • Measures mass flow directly – without additional pressure and temperature inputs
  • Accurate measurement and operation at very low gas pressures and flow rates
  • Negligible pressure drop


Insert type Pipe type
Medium Single gas ( except acetylene gas) or mixed gas of fixed
Pipe size DN80-6000mm DN15-2000mm
Velocity 0.1Nm/s~100Nm/s ( standard working condition 20 ℃101.33Kpa)
Accuracy +1%
Medium temperature -40~200℃
Pressure 2.5Mpa 4.0Mpa
Power supply AC220V or DC24V for integral converter and AC220V for split converter.
Response time ≦1s
Signal output 4~20mA RS-485,Modbus
Display Instantaneous flow, mass flow, volume flow, cumulative flow, Beijing time, running time.
Sensor IP code IP68
Converter IP code IP67 for integral typeIP 65 for split hanging typeIP 52 for split box type
Explosion proof degrade Exd IΙ CT 4
Code Description Remark
JC010 Thermal mass gas flow meter
Dn15, Dn20 …. Diameter :DN15 to 6000
F In line integral type Structure
I In line seperated type
PI Insertion integral type
PL Insertion seperated type
T Threaded ,such as 1/2″NPT Connection
F Flange , such as 2″,ANSI
W Welded seat
B Welded  seat + ball valve
A0 Without explosion-proof Explosion-proof
A1 With Explosion-proof
T1 -20 to 150 °C Standard Working temperature
T2 -20 to 200 °C High temperature
P0 Negative pressure Working pressure
P1 0-1.0Mpa
P2 0-.1.6 Mpa
P3 0-2.0 Mpa
P4 0-3.0Mpa
D 24 VDC Power supply
A 220 VAC
O Other
0 None Signal output
1 4-20ma
2 RS 485
3 4-20ma + Hart
L With LCD Display
O Without LCD
B 316SS Sensor material  
C Ti
O Other


2.Pipe size

3.Flow rate (min/normal/max)

4.Working temperature

5.Working pressure

6.Process connection

7.Power supply

8.Other special requirement

Application-thermal mass flowmeter

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