V-cone Flow meter

V-cone Flowmeter, the unique structure of  V-cone flowmeter, fluid in the pipe doesn’t sharply contract, the change of fluid pressure is stable, and differential pressure signal is more stable, to ensure accurate measurement of flow, especially small flow.

  • Low sensitivity to installation effects.
  • The installation period is short.
  • Reduced pressure loss.
  • Effective for wet gas flow measurement applications.
  • Ideal for liquid, vapor, or gaseous media under harsh conditions.

 Because of the unique structure of the V-cone flowmeter, fluid in the pipe doesn’t sharply contract, the change of fluid pressure is stable, and differential pressure signal is more stable, to ensure accurate measurement of flow, especially small flow.

At the same time, because of the suspension of the axis and tapered body structure, when fluid is close to the V cone, pipe center velocity slows while velocity around pipe wall speeds. High-speed fluid directly washes the inner cone throttling element and pipe wall, automatically realizing cleaning, to avoid adhesion and accumulation of smudgy medium. It is applicable for liquid containing gas, a gas containing water, and gas or liquid containing solid. It has a unique advantage in the measurement of coke oven gas, blast furnace gas, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, high-viscosity crude oil, and smudgy.

The V-cone flowmeter is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, natural gas, mining and metallurgy, steel, electric power, water, water supply and drainage, paper making, sugar processing, pharmaceutical, brewing, beverage, textile, printing, dyeing, chemical fiber, environmental protection, and municipal engineering industry measurement.


● Adopt National standard: GB/T2624-1993, SY / T6143-2004, International standard ISO5167

● Pipe size: DN15 – DN3000

● Basic Error: ±0.5%, ±1.5%, ±2.5%

● Repeatability: ±0.1%

● Working pressure: 2.5 MPa, 4.0MPa, 6.3 MPa, 10.0 MPa, 16.0 MPa, 26.0 MPa, 42.0 MPa

● Medium temperature: < 550 ℃

● Medium: Liquid, gas (including natural gas) or steam

● Turndown: 10:1

● Requirements to straight tube section: upstream 0-3D, downstream 0-1D

● Power supply: 1) external: 24V DC  2) Internal (built-in battery): 3.6V DC

● Display: 8-digit LCD display of flow rate, totalizer, flux pressure, flux temperature & troubleshot code.

● Output signal: 1) 4-20mA DC flow signal

2) Fit output signal of HRT protocol

3) No output signal for battery powered flow meter

● Explosion proof: Intrinsically safe type IbIICT5

● Enclosure: IP65


Nominal Diameter L (mm) C Nominal Diameter L (mm) C
DN15 150 M12 ×1.25 DN250 650 M20 ×1.5
DN20 150 M12 ×1.25 DN300 700 M20 ×1.5
DN25 150 M12 ×1.25 DN350 900 M20 ×1.5
DN32 165 M12 ×1.25 DN400 1050 M20 ×1.5
DN40 200 M12 ×1.25 DN450 1150 M20 ×1.5
DN50 250 M20 ×1.5 DN500 1260 M20 ×1.5
DN65 275 M20 ×1.5 DN600 1380 M20 ×1.5
DN80 300 M20 ×1.5 DN700 1500 M20 ×1.5
DN100 350 M20 ×1.5 DN800 1600 M20 ×1.5
DN125 400 M20 ×1.5 DN900 1750 M20 ×1.5
DN150 450 M20 ×1.5 DN1000 1850 M20 ×1.5
DN175 500 M20 ×1.5 DN1200 2000 M20 ×1.5
DN200 550 M20 ×1.5 DN1400 2200 M20 ×1.5
DN225 600 M20 ×1.5 DN1600 2500 M20 ×1.5
Customer Name Attn
Communication Address Tel
Fax Postal Code
Order Quantity Required Delivery Time
Technological Parameters
Contents of Mixed Gas
Density under Standard Status ρn (kg/m3) Density under Standard Status ρn (kg/m3)
Temperature (℃) Normal Maximum
Flow Rate (T/h, kg/h, N m3/h, m3/h) Normal Maximum Minimum
Gauge Pressure (MPa) Normal Maximum
Area atmospheric pressure Dynamic Viscosity mPa.s
Relative Humidity % Outer Diameter (mm)
Ambient (℃) Inner Diameter (mm)
Allowable Pressure Loss Material
Additional Remarks

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The BCST v cone flow meter is an innovative system that takes differential pressure flow measurement to a new level. Develop for mild to harsh operating conditions. This is especially useful for fixed and post-installation installations. V cone flow meters offer higher accuracy, a more comprehensive measurement range, installation flexibility, reduced maintenance, and reproducibility.

BCST V cone flow meters feature long service life with excellent performance, low maintenance requirements, and excellent price/performance ratios. As a result, they are widely used in various industries such as oil and gas exploration, chemicals, food and beverages, plastics, pharmaceuticals, HVAC, textiles, energy, and wastewater.

The BCST v cone flow meter was developed to ensure reliable system monitoring and tracked and 100% tested by Quality Assurance to provide flexible operation.

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