Liquid Turbine Flow Meter

 BCST your Expert Liquid Turbine Flowmeter Supplier from China

BCST liquid turbine flowmeter is simple and easy. It has a high delicacy rate, good response time, is accessible and easy to maintain, and is helpful for the liquids without corrosion to the stainless steel. Pulse frequency signals are applicable for totalizer and connectivity with the PC. It also has a high-frequency signal and strong signal resolution power. The range can reach up to 1-20 for large to medium diameters while small diameters are 110, large circulating capacity, and can measure high pressure.

BCST has 20 times of experience in liquid turbine flowmeter manufacturing. We’ve SIL2, CE, explosion- evidence for our turbine flowmeter. Our turbine flowmeter has a unique structure with excellent performance.

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 BCST your One-Stop Liquid Turbine Flowmeter Solution in China

BCST is a technical turbine flowmeter manufacturer. Our turbine flowmeter is your ideal result to measure liquid. Our turbine flowmeter adopted advanced microcomputer technology. It consumes lower power and performs better.

Turbine flowmeters are extensively used in petrochemicals, organic liquids, inorganic liquids, liquefied gases, natural gas, and fluids. BCST turbine flowmeters have high-quality norms. It can give dependable dimensions indeed in the harshest conditions.

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