BCST Catalog & Certifcates

You can download all our catalog , software and certificates here

BCST General Catalog for main products

This catalog is a brief introduction of the main products BCST made, it contains a control valve, flowmeter, pressure transmitter, pressure gauge, level transmitter, temperature instrument, calibration instruments etc.

Flow Measurement Solution from BCST

This catalog is mainly for flow measurement solution, include electromagnetic flowmeter, vortex flowmeter, ultrasonic flowmeter , turbine flowmeter , metal tube rotameter , oval gear flowmeter , etc

JC090 Electromagnetic Flowmeter Catalog

This catalog is a belief introduction of magnetic flowmeter solution, here you can see the exact magnetic flowmeter we can make  , include compact electromagnetic flowmeter , inserted magnetic flowmeter , battery magnetic flowmeter etc

Paperless recorder -BCST
Paperless Recorder Catalog

In this catalog , you can find our detail technical parameter about flow totalizer , paperless recorder etc

Pneumatic Onoff Valve

BCST Pneumatic diaphragm on-off valve and piston on-off valve

Control Valve Catalog

BCST control valve catalog covers most of the control valves made by BCST, include pneumatic, electric control valve, etc

Pressure transmitter Catalog
BCST Pressure Transmitter Solution Introduction

This catalog makes a brief introduction about BCST pressure transmitters include capacitance type pressure transmitters, high accuracy silicon pressure transmitters, etc.

EJC pressure transmitter catalog
EJC Serial Pressure Transmitter Catalog

This catalog gives you a detailed EJC pressure transmitter data sheet, from technical parameters to model selection.

Liquid Ultrasonic Flowmeter

JC-3000P Portable ultrasonic flowmeter, JC-3000H handhold type ultrasonic flowmeter,JC-3000S Wall Installed ultrasonic flowmeter

BCST Certificates

You can find all the certificates applied by BCST here.

SlL Verification
ATEX-Differential Pressure Transmitter
CE-Thermal Mass Gas Flowmeter
CE-Pressure Level Transmitter
ROHS -Electromagnetic flowmeter
CE-Vortex Flowmeter
CE- Oval Gear Flowmeter
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