Professional Silicon Pressure Sensor Manufacturer in China

If you want to find a reliable and stable silicon pressure sensor supplier from China, BCST is your best selection. We supply a one-step silicon pressure sensor solution from sensor to housing.

  • Compound static pressure sensor realizes static pressure real-time
  • Compensation and measurement of working static pressure
  • Compound temperature sensor realizes temperature real-time
  • Compensation and temperature measurement of medium
  • Patent overloading protection design makes unidirectional
  • The maximum work static pressure can reach 40Mpa
  • The minimum measurement range reaches -50Pa ~ + 50Pa
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High Accuracy Silicon Pressure Sensor Manufacturer in China.

BCST silicon pressure sensors include a differential pressure sensor, absolute pressure sensor, gauge pressure sensor.

Our production line’s installation is supported by the German technical team, all the equipment comes from international top-ranked manufacturers and the intellectual property is complete.

The max working pressure we can make is 40Mpa. The diaphragm material can be 316LSS, HC, Tan,316L gold-plated diaphragm.

They can be used to measure differential kind medium.

BCST silicon pressure sensor has an anti-overload structure, it can withstand 1166times over range. It can also work at high temperature

Max 600C, there is patent protection for the high-temperature structure. And there are Double sensors, so our silicon pressure sensor is very stable.

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Your Expert for Silicon Pressure Sensor in China

As a professional high-tech manufacturer in China, BCST has cooperated with a famous German company for silicon pressure sensor technology.

We have a strong silicon pressure sensor technical background. Our silicon pressure sensor calibration system is a Wika system.

Our silicon pressure sensor features high accuracy, the best accuracy is 0.05%, the standard accuracy is 0.075%.

Each pressure sensor is calibrated twice before leaving the factory. There are tracking calibrated reports.

We are the best silicon pressure sensor factory in China.

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