Professional Steam Flowmeter Manufacturer

20 Years of Experience in Manufacturing Steam Flowmeters

  • Both saturated steam and superheated steam can be measured
  • High measurement accuracy, best accuracy reaches 0.2%
  • Mass or  volumetric flow rate can be measured
  • High reliable without moving parts
  • Pressure, static pressure, and temperature value can be measured
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Professional Steam Flowmeter Manufacturer from China

Located in Jiangsu Province, BCST is a professional steam flowmeters manufacturer.  BCST steam flowmeter cover vortex  flowmeter , orifice plate  flowmeter,Coriolis mass flowmeter ,variable area flowmeter ,v-cone flowmeter etc .

They can measure both mass flow rate and volumetric flow rate. The pressure compensation can be built-in or separated installed.

BCST steam flowmeter has CE, SIL2, explosion-proof approval. There is a strict quality control system at our factory, each steam flow meter is calibrated twice before leaving the factory. Each meter has a tracking calibration report.

BCST steam flow meter has a longer service life and easy maintenance. It can save your cost and repair expenses.

If you cooperate with BCST, there is professional technical support from model selection to installation and operation.

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One step Steam Flowmeter Solution

coriolis mass steam flowmeter

BCST Coriolis Mass steam flow meter is an advanced instrument for measuring steam flow and mass with high accuracy.

Glass tube variable area steam flowmeter

BCST glass tube variable steam flowmeter has obvious features and is widely used in the steam measurement.

Metal tube rotameter steam flowmeter

BCST metal tube rotameter flowmeter is a variable area flow measurement instrument commonly used in measuring steam.

Orifice Plate Steam Flowmeter

BCST orifice steam flowmeter is commonly used to monitor steam production from boilers, to measure the amount of steam delivered to a process or tenant.

Vortex steam flowmeter

BCST vortex steam flowmeter is widely used for measuring the volume and mass flow of superheated steam, saturated steam, compressed air, and general gases and liquids.

Wafter vortex steam flowmeter

BCST wafer vortex flowmeter body itself does not wear a connection flange. In connection with the pipeline, the wafer vortex steam flowmeter will be installed between two special flanges, and then reinforced with bolts around it.


BCST V-cone steam flowmeter is a kind of differential pressure flowmeter combined with a V-cone sensor and differential pressure transmitter, which can accurately measure the flow of the steam medium.

Remote vortex steam flowmeter

BCST remote vortex steam flowmeter is constructed in such a way that the flow detection component is separated from the signal processing circuit. This ensures the normal operation of the instrument circuit part in high-temperature steam measurement.

Best Steam Flowmeter Solution for Your Project

BCST steam flowmeter calibration system is used an automatic sonic nozzle system,  the calibration report is generated automatically by the calibration system. You can get the report with the serial number on the steam flowmeter nameplate after a long time.

BCST steam flowmeter can withstand high pressure, each meter body has been tested under high pressure.

The steam flowmeter body can be carbon steel,  316SS, or 304ss, if there is corrosive content inside the steam, there is HC  material for the wetted part.

BCST supplies a one-step steam flowmeter solution,  if you cooperate with us, we would give you the best steam flowmeter solution based on your detailed requirement.

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Hot Sales Steam Flowmeter

Vortex steam flowmeter
Vortex Steam Flowmeter
Orifice Plate Steam Flowmeter
Orifice Plate Steam Flowmeter
Metal tube rotameter steam flowmeter
Metal Tube Rotameter Steam Flowmeter

Why Purchase Steam Flowmeter from BCST

1.Coriolis mass steam flowmeter 

*Excellent performance with high measurement accuracy

*Low requirements for the fluid condition

* Low-pressure loss

*Directly measure the mass flow rate of the fluid in the pipeline

*Stable and reliable work

*Adaptable to a wide range of fluid media surface

*A variety of real-time online measurement and control functions

*Wide range of application environment

*Good scalability

2. Glass tube variable steam flowmeter 

*Simple structure

*Handy operation

*Simple to install


*Readings are intuitive

3.Metal tube rotameter steam flowmeter 

*All-metal structure, sturdy and stable.

*Short stroke, small structure design.

* Low-pressure loss design.

*New magnetic coupling structure design ensures a more stable transmission signal.

*Available with insulation or heat tracing jacket.

*Suitable for harsh environments and corrosive media, with good resistance to heat and pressure.

*Optional two-wire, battery, AC power supply.

*With data recovery, data backup, and power down protection function.

4. Orifice plate steam flowmeter 

*Wide range of applications

*The use of imported single crystal silicon intelligent differential pressure sensor

*High precision, perfect self-diagnosis function

*With online, dynamic full compensation function, intelligent orifice plate flowmeter also has self-diagnosis, self-setting range.

*Equipped with a variety of communication interfaces

*High stability

*Wide range of measurement

5. Vortex steam flowmeter 

*Small pressure loss

*No compensation is required when measuring volumetric flow

*Simple and solid structure, no moving parts, high reliability

*Simple installation, easy to use and maintain

*The detection element does not contact with the medium, stable performance, long life

*Output and flow proportional to the pulse signal, no zero-point drift

*High accuracy

*Wide measuring range

Before making a model selection, you need to confirm us below technical parameter.

  1.  Medium
  2. Pipe size
  3. Flow rate: Min, Normal, Max
  4. Working pressure
  5. Working temperature
  6. Process connection
  7. Signal output
  8. Other special requirements


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