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BCST submersible level transmitter is a kind of level measurement, it can measure the liquid medium hydrostatic pressure. It transfers level information by 4-20ma electric signal to the PLC system.

  • Directly put into the measured medium, easy installation
  • With power reverse polarity protection and overload current limit protection.
  • Extremely wide range of applications in-depth and level measurement
  • Good Stability for long term application
  • Anti-condensation and Anti-corrosive application
  • With LCD or without LCD display for optional
  • IP68 protection degree
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Original Submersible Level Transmitter from China

BCST submersible level transmitter is a kind of pressure sensor to measure liquid level also can be called “hydrostatic level transmitter, liquid level transmitter, liquid level sensor, water level sensor”.

You can put the submersible level transmitter directly into a vessel or body of water. This allows you to accurately measure the height of the end of the level meter to the water surface, and the water end value can be output through a 4-20mA current or RS485 signal.

BCST submersible level transmitter is widely used in water levels monitoring fields such as urban water supply and drainage, sewage treatment, groundwater, reservoirs, rivers, and oceans. The large range of applications can also adapt to your different choices according to different working conditions.

BCST submersible level transmitter has a compact structure, simple adjustment, and flexible installation. You can use them easily and conveniently.

The standard signal output methods such as 4-20mA, 0-5v, 0-10mA are optional for you to choose according to your needs.

And you can also choose different precision products for use according to your needs.

If you give us specific requirements and parameters, you will surely get a satisfactory solution from us.

Original Submersible Level Transmitter from China

4-20ma output submersible level transmitter

BCST 4-20 ma output submersible level transmitter consists of oil polyurethane-coated line and removable anti-blocking probe. It outputs the measured water level value via a 4-20ma signal.

LCD display submersible level transmitter

BCST submersible level transmitter is equipped with an LCD display. Extremely easy to install and use.

PTFE Submersible level transmitter

BCST PTFE submersible level transmitter is suitable for the level measurement of corrosive media and high working temperature occasions.

316LSS submersible level transmitter

BCST 316SS submersible level transmitter is made of stainless steel and is high temperature resistant. it is a high-precision liquid level measuring instrument.


BCST balance submersible level transmitter is suitable for high temperature, viscous, corrosive, and other special mediums.

Smart submersible level transmitter

BCST smart submersible level transmitter adopts an advanced SMD process with temperature compensation. Converts the level pressure of the measured medium into a standard electrical signal. It also can be transmitted remotely.

Two wire submersible level transmitter

BCST’s two-wire submersible level transmitter consists of a special pilot cable with the built-in capillary hose, a pressure-resistant connector, and a probe.

Full package of Submersible Level Transmitter Solution

BCST has more than 20 years of experience in submersible level transmitter manufacturing and development.

Our submersible level transmitters are applied in various industries, the most popular are water supply and wastewater treatment plants.

With IP 68 standard construction, BCST submersible level transmitter can work long service life. They have a vented cable that can reach 100M.

BCST has complete testing and inspection equipment for the submersible level transmitter. There is strong technical support for you with quality services in all aspects.

BCST submersible level transmitter can use to measure corrosive liquid level, the structure is full PTFE, it can withstand strong corrosive liquid, such as chlorine water.

We can also customize the submersible level transmitter as your requirement.

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  • Material test certificates
  • Performance test procedure
  • Hydrostatic test reports
  • Seat leakage and actuator leakage test
  • Radiographic test reports
  • Liquid Penetration test reports
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