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BCST Your One- Stop Test Pressure Gauge Supplier in China

BCST test pressure gauges are devices that can sense the fluctuation in pressure. These gauges are equipped with sensitive elements like diaphragms, bourbon tubes, springs, etc. These sensitive elements react to fluctuations. There are different gauges depending on the sensing element used and the type of displays it possesses. Generally, both analog and digital gauges are used in various industries. The gauges are tested for accuracy, performance parameters, and efficiency. Whatever the indicators are, the need for screening remains of great importance.

The measurement function is identical to that of a bourdon tube. A circular bent tube is, on the one hand, connected to a socket, and, on the other hand, it is closed. When there is overpressure inside the bourdon tube, it expands outward. On the other hand, suppose there is negative pressure the bourdon tube contracts inwards. This movement of the bourdon tube end is a measure of the input pressure and is transmitted to a gear segment and then to the motion gear.

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Test Pressure Gauge is used on fluid transmission lines in industrial electrical systems and fluid equipment. In industrial processes, pressure plays a fundamental role. For this reason, pressure gauges are crucial. They must be precise and accurate. Installation and mounting errors cause leaks, high-pressure build-ups, and sudden pressure drops. Eventually, this may result in the fluid lines bursting, potentially causing injury to the operator. Therefore, gauges should constantly be tested before use. Thus, these meters are calibrated, tested, and validated before and during use. Testing is essential to ensure gauges accuracy and reliability.


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To avoid errors, experts should consider testing a crucial component of calibration and maintenance. Therefore, you should work with experts like BCST regarding gauging testing and calibration. The range of our products includes low-cost cast models for easy installation to high-end units capable of withstanding both high temperatures and high pressures. The company offers high-quality gauges and reliable testing, maintenance, and calibration services. We can provide the tools you need to revolutionize your business processes. Contact us, and let’s work together. Reach out to one of our experienced engineering teams today, and we’ll find custom-tailored solutions that meet your needs.

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