What Is the Application of BCST JC-56L Series Magnetic Flap Level Gauge in Industrial Measurement

The magnetic flap level gauge realizes real-time measurement of liquid level based on the principles of connector and magnetic coupling. It makes on-site operations safer, more convenient, and efficient. The measurement process is free of blind spots, with a large measurement range, clear display, simple structure, and diverse installation forms. It overcomes the defects of poor clarity and easy breakage of glass plate (tube) level gauges. Therefore, it is widely used in industries such as petroleum, chemical engineering, etc., for liquid level measurement in various towers, tanks, troughs, spherical containers, boilers, and other equipment.

What Is the Application of BCST JC-56L Series Magnetic Flap Level Gauge in Industrial Measurement

Classification of Magnetic Flap Level Gauge

The magnetic flap level gauge can be classified according to different standards:

  1. According to the degree of corrosion resistance: non-corrosion-resistant magnetic flap level gauge, low-corrosion-resistant (corrosion-resistant) magnetic flap level gauge, high-corrosion-resistant (corrosion-resistant) magnetic flap level gauge.
  2. According to the installation method: It can be divided into bottom-mounted magnetic flap level gauge, top-mounted magnetic flap level gauge, and side-mounted magnetic flap level gauge.
  3. According to pressure ratings: low-pressure magnetic flap level gauge, medium-pressure magnetic flap level gauge, and high-pressure magnetic flap level gauge.
  4. According to whether it has remote transmission function, it can be divided into basic magnetic flap level gauge and remote transmission magnetic flap level gauge.

Magnetic Level Gauge

Application of Magnetic Flap Level Gauge

Different working conditions have different requirements for magnetic flap level gauges. The BCST JC-56L series magnetic flap level gauge adopts 304 and 316L stainless steel materials. The float can be optionally lined with PTFE, PP, PVC materials, with excellent reliability and corrosion resistance. Meanwhile, it can be tailored to the specific needs of customers’ on-site conditions, ensuring reliability while maximizing cost savings for users.

To adapt to the different chemical properties of various measured liquids, the BCST JC-56L series magnetic flap level gauge is divided into different types such as standard magnetic flap level gauge, economical magnetic flap level gauge, plastic magnetic flap level gauge, and lined magnetic flap level gauge. Their respective uses are as follows:

Standard Magnetic Flap Level Gauge

Suitable for measuring most corrosive liquids, mainly used for

  • industrial wastewater tank level
  • hydrogen peroxide device phosphoric acid preparation tank level
  • ion membrane electrolysis device wash tank, wastewater tank level.

Economical Magnetic Flap Level Gauge

Featuring practicality and cost-effectiveness, suitable for most working conditions and slightly corrosive liquid measurement, mainly used for

  • electrolysis workshop water level tank
  • various industrial equipment water tank level
  • hydrogen peroxide device hydrogenation tail gas condensate receiving tank, alkali evaporator level.

Plastic Magnetic Flap Level Gauge

The float adopts high-quality PP or polytetrafluoroethylene, suitable for low-pressure highly corrosive liquid measurement, mainly used for

  • dyeing and printing plant raw material tank level
  • sewage treatment device wastewater tank level
  • caustic soda plant membrane denitrification device regeneration tank, refrigerant tank, hydrochloric acid tank level.

Lined Magnetic Flap Level Gauge

The float adopts 304 lining PTFE, mainly used for highly corrosive liquid measurement, such as

  • ammonia water tank level
  • PVC production unit monomer tank level
  • ion membrane electrolysis device brine tank, alkali liquor circulation tank, dechlorination tower, chlorate decomposition tank, high-purity hydrochloric acid storage tank level.

Advantages of Magnetic Flap Level Gauge

  1. High Accuracy. Magnetic flap technology offers high measurement accuracy, meeting the precision requirements of the petroleum industry, ensuring accurate and reliable data.
  2. Stability and Reliability. Magnetic flap technology operates on a simple principle, with a stable and reliable structure that is less affected by external environmental factors, suitable for harsh working conditions in the petroleum industry.
  3. Strong Adaptability. Magnetic flap technology can be applied to various types of liquid media, including crude oil, petrochemical products, etc., demonstrating strong versatility and adaptability.
  4. Low Maintenance Cost. Due to its simple structure and stable operation, magnetic flap technology incurs relatively low maintenance costs. And it’s beneficial for reducing enterprise operating costs.

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Magnetic Flap Level Gauge Accessories

To meet the demands of various complex working conditions, we have developed a range of accessory products for use in conjunction with the magnetic flap level gauge.

  1. The magnetic flap level gauge can be paired with transmitters certified by ALTEX for explosion protection. The transmitter consists of a sensor and a converter. As the magnetic float moves up and down, it induces the movement of the measuring element inside the conduit through magnetic coupling. This results in a change in resistance signal, which is then converted into a standard current signal output 4~20mA. This facilitates connection with digital display meters or computers for remote transmission, display, and control. And it enables automatic level control and remote operation.
  2. Upper and lower limit switch outputs. Utilizing the movement of the magnetic float with the liquid level, the reed switch installed at the designated position on the level gauge column is actuated, enabling on-off control or alarm.
  3. Supporting accessories such as steam jackets, electric heating, insulation/thermal insulation, and frost protection devices enable application in harsh conditions such as cold weather.


With its intuitive, simple, adaptable, and highly accurate characteristics, magnetic flap level gauges are widely used in various fields. Whether in chemical, water conservancy, environmental protection, pharmaceutical, or food industries, magnetic flap level gauges play important roles. With the continuous progress and innovation in technology, we have reasons to believe that magnetic flap level gauges will play an even greater role in future industrial production.

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