What is the Difference between Gas Turbine Flowmeters and Vortex Flowmeters

Gas vortex flowmeter and gas turbine flowmeter are two relatively similar products in the flowmeter. However, we must make more distinctions in the use process. We must master their respective characteristics and applications to enable you to quickly grasp the differences between these two flowmeters, Jiangsu BCST GROUP Co., Ltd.

What is the Difference between Aas Turbine Flowmeters and Vortex Flowmeters

The gas vortex flowmeter is designed and manufactured according to the Carmen vortex principle. It applies the principle of fluid oscillation to measure flow. The vortex release frequency and the average velocity of the fluid flowing through the vortex generator, and the characteristics of the vortex generator have a relationship.

1. The gas turbine flowmeter

Under certain conditions, the rotational speed of the gas turbine flowmeter is directly proportional to the flow rate. When the measured fluid strikes the turbine blade, it will make the turbine rotate, and the rotational speed of the turbine changes with the flow rate. Therefore, the turbine’s rotational speed will also become more prominent as the flow rate becomes more extensive.


Then, through the magneto-electric conversion device, the turbine’s rotational speed into the corresponding frequency of the electrical pulse. After amplification by a preamplifier, the vibrations can be fed to a display meter for counting and displaying. We can work out the instantaneous and cumulative flow rates based on the number of pulses per unit time and the cumulative number of pulses.

2. Features of the gas turbine flowmeter. 

2.1 The gas turbine flowmeter has good repeatability, with 0.05 – 0.2 % short-term repeatability. Therefore, it is preferred in trade settlement flowmeters as online calibrations often achieve high repeatability.

2.2 The output pulse frequency signal of the gas turbine flowmeter is suitable for total measurement and connection to a computer, without zero drift and resistance to interference—anti-disturbance solid ability.

2.3 The gas turbine flowmeter can obtain a high-frequency signal (3-4kHz), the signal resolution is firm.


2.4 The gas turbine flowmeter range is wide. It is up to 40:1-10:1 in large diameter, minor diameter for 6:1 or 5:1.

2.5 The gas turbine flowmeter is compact and lightweight, it is easy to install and maintain, and has a large flow capacity.

3. The gas vortex flowmeter

The gas vortex flowmeter is based on Karman (Karman) vortex principle research and production. It is mainly used for industrial pipeline medium fluid flow measurement, such as gas, liquid, steam, and other media.

Gas vortex flowmeter

Gas vortex flowmeter and gas turbine flowmeter is a type. The gas turbine flowmeter is an instrument, and it uses a multi-bladed rotor (turbine) to feel the average flow rate of the fluid, then the gas turbine can derive the flow rate or total from.

Gas vortex flowmeter using piezoelectric stress sensor, it is highly reliable, it can also work in the -20 ℃ ~ +250 ℃ operating temperature range. The gas vortex flowmeter has a standard analog signal and a digital pulse signal output, and it is easy to use with computers and other digital systems. It is also a relatively advanced and desirable measuring instrument.

4. Features of gas vortex flowmeter 

4.1 The gas vortex flowmeter uses the fluid vibration principle of a new flowmeter. It is used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, paper, and other industries, measuring the flow of liquid, gas in the pipeline instrument.

4.2 The gas vortex flowmeter has no moving parts. It is reliable, accurate, and has a long life, and it can also measure the instantaneous and cumulative flow of liquids over a wide range of flow rates.

4.3 Gas vortex flowmeter is also not affected by the medium temperature, pressure, viscosity, and composition, while not blocking, not stuck, not easy to scale, high temperature, high pressure, safety and explosion-proof, suitable for harsh environments.

Gas vortex flowmeter

4.4 The gas vortex flowmeter has a simple structure, vortex street transmitter installed directly on the pipeline, and it also overcomes the phenomenon of pipeline leakage.

4.5 The gas vortex flowmeter pressure loss is slight, a wide range of saturated steam measurement range of up to 30 to 1.

4.6 When we install the location of the gas vortex flowmeter, we should try to reduce the impact of the steam hammer in the pipeline on the vortex generator. When the gas vortex flowmeter vibration is significant and can not be eliminated, we should not use the gas vortex flowmeter.

5. Conclusion

Because the density of the flowmeter, viscosity, temperature, and pressure are more closely related, flowmeter temperature and pressure fluctuations are inevitable.

We have to be based on various fluid properties to the degree of impact to take compensatory measures. So the liquid should use the liquid turbine flowmeter, the gas should use the gas turbine flowmeter to maintain a high degree of measurement accuracy.

Gas vortex flowmeter and gas turbine flowmeter differences are mainly in these areas, and we can continue to summarize in the operation process.


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