What Is The Top 5 Brands For Electromagnetic Flowmeter In The World ?

Water source is the most common source in our plant. If we want to make good use of water, we need to measure them precisely.  An electromagnetic flowmeter is such kind of device, and it can help to measure the water volume in the processing pipeline. Therefore, it helps to improve the industry production energy and save the production cost.  Especially, environmental protection has become more and more important these years, and energy conservation is an urgent matter for differential industrial production. Electromagnetic flowmeters play a key role in those industries which use water, including water treatment plants, paper making, sugar mills, oil & gas industry, chemical, power, etc.

Today, we would talk what the top 5 brands for electromagnetic flowmeters in the world are.

Here are the world’s Top 5 Brands of Electromagnetic Flowmeter!

Top 1   Rosemount Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Rosemount Electromagnetic Flowmeter is manufactured by Emerson Electric Co., an American multinational corporation in Ferguson, Missouri, the USA, founded in 1890. Emerson as a manufacturer of electric motors and fans has grown from a regional manufacturer into a global technology solution powerhouse over the past 100 years.

Rosemount Electromagnetic Flowmeters or mag meters are comprised of a transmitter and sensor that together measure flow.

Rosemount Electromagnetic Flowmeters are perfectly suitable for various applications across various industries, including pulp and paper, metals and mining, water and wastewater, food and beverage, chemical and petrochemical, and oil and gas.

Rosemount Electromagnetic Flowmeter design does not leave any bumps or blockages in the pipe. As a result, they can accommodate a wide range of applications, from clean and sanitary liquids to slurries and highly corrosive or abrasive fluids.

Rosemount Electromagnetic Flowmeters or mag meters are often selected because they are obstruction less, profitable, bi-directional, and provide a high degree of precision volumetric flow measurement.

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Top 2  Krohne Electromagnetic Flowmeters 

Krohne Electromagnetic Flowmeter In 1921, Krohne began to generate variable area flowmeters in Duisburg, Germany. The company relocated from leased facilities to company-owned buildings in 1936. But was ruined during the 2nd World War. Ludwig Krohne and his son Karl passed away during the war, Ludwig’s wife Anna manage the business during the post-war years.

In 1949, Kristian Rademacher-Dubbick joined the company. He assumed responsibilities, and under his management, KROHNE- with an initial workforce of only 8 people – grew to become a leading and one of the most innovative companies for flow measuring devices.

Krohne Group is a top producer and trader of solutions in industrial process instrumentation in the world. Krohne Electromagnetic Flowmeter is for all applications with a conductive liquid. From fundamental applications to critical flow and custody transfer (CT) measurements. Krohne has an array of electromagnetic flowmeters that will suit every customer’s needs.

Krohne Group mass-produces Krohne Electromagnetic Flowmeters for simple applications with conductive liquids, for extensive applications with conductive liquid, for OEM applications dosing systems and compact skids, for basic water and wastewater applications, for all standard water and wastewater applications, for utilities and industrial automation, for advanced water and wastewater applications, for applications with partially filled pipes, for basic and standard water application.



Top 3 ABB Electromagnetic Flowmeter

ABB Ltd is a Swedish-Swiss multinational corporation and the largest industrial employer in Zurich, Switzerland.

ABB is a notable global technology company that enlivens the change of community and manufacturing to achieve a more rich, sustainable future. About 105 000 talented employees drive ABB’s success in over 100 countries.

ABB is recognized for, and it is leading with technology. For ABB, sustainability is both an excellent choice to do and a business opportunity. ABB motivates by example by embedding sustainability in everything they do.

ABB solutions lessened harmful emissions and preserving natural resources. In addition, ABB victor ethical and humane behavior is to give better lives for people across the globe.

ABB mass-produce Electromagnetic Flowmeter for calculating process management, liquid transportation, and energy conservation. ABB’s intelligent device, modern technology, and new features work harder and smarter to make your operations more efficient and cost-effective.

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Top 4  Endress+Hauser Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Endress+Hauser is a global leader in instrumentation and process solutions. Endress+Hauser supply process solutions for flow, level, pressure, temperature. They also process solutions for recording and digital communications and advance profitable efficiency, safety, and environmental impact. Endress+Hauser customers come from various industries.

Endress+Hauser Electromagnetic Flowmeters have been used throughout industries for over 60 years. Endress+Hauser has sold over 2 million Endress+Hauser Electromagnetic Flowmeters since 1977. It needs no maintenance and offers seamless system integration into processes.

Endress+Hauser Electromagnetic Flowmeters are predominantly used in water administration and processing and food industries. In tunnel buildings and quarry, mag meters are often the only option for measuring highly abrasive ore slurries.

what is the top 5 brands for electromagnetic flowmeters

Top 5  Yokogawa Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Yokogawa Electromagnetic Flowmeter is manufactured by Yokogawa Group in Japan, a leading global supplier of Industrial Automation and Measurement Solutions.

According to the website, Yokogawa has a global workforce of over 19,000 employees, 84 subsidiaries, and 3 affiliated companies operating in 55 countries.

Yokogawa’s most identifiable products are production control systems, test and measurement instruments, pressure transmitters, flow meters, Fieldbus instruments, and Advanced Process Control.

Yokogawa’s Electromagnetic Flowmeters are supported by a history of more than half a century. Yokogawa added innovative specifications in each era and has always lead the industry. The consistent approach of Yokogawa’s Electromagnetic Flowmeter is high performance and high quality. Yokogawa produced ADMAG Series, which made it possible to measure low conductivity fluid and insulating adhesive fluid.


Those famous brands are good choices for electromagnetic flowmeter measurement in the pipeline system if your budget is enough. If your budget is limited, while you want the flowmeter has stable and sound performance. BCST electromagnetic flowmeters are a good choice.  BCST has 20 years of experience in producing electromagnetic flowmeters in China.  There are SIL2, CE, Rohs, Explosion-proof, ISO approval for our electromagnetic flowmeter.

BCST electromagnetic flowmeter is an ideal replacement for those famous brands.


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