What Are the Top 5 Magnetic Level Gauge in the World

Magnetic Level Gauges were initially introduced as a proxy to sight glasses. Over time, become compromised through leaking seals, clouding, and breakage; Magnetic Level Gauge technology isn’t vulnerable to these weaknesses.

Magnetic Level Gauges are sought after in applications measuring high temperature and pressure, and caustic liquids. When the appliance is challenging, the magnetic level transmitter provides consistent, accurate measurements. The devices also are often found in liquid-to-liquid interface measurements.


Top 1 Magnetrol Magnetic Level Gauge


Magnetrol Magnetic Level Indicators have restructured the global visual lead market by contributing a safer, reliable, and high-visibility proxy to ordinary gauge glass assemblies. Utilizing a mixture of proven buoyancy principles alongside the advantages of magnetism. Magnetrol Magnetic Level Gauges are often customized to suit virtually any process connection arrangement on the vessel.


Magnetrol magnetic Level Gauge is devised and created in accordance with the appropriate global and regional layout standards required, including ASME, PED, CN, EACM (Gost), and others.


Top 2 ABB Magnetic Level Gauge


ABB provides a variety of set Magnetic Level Gauges for a few of the prime demanding process industries. ABB’s fluid level measurement instruments are put up in over 200,000 installations globally with virtually no maintenance requirements for total and interface level detection within the oil and gas, petrochemical, power generation industries, and more. These magnetic level gauges include the KM26 Level Gauge and the ABB MagWave.


ABB offers the quality KM26 Magnetic Level Gauge and ABB MagWave. These Magnetic Level Gauges offers low installation, undemanding, and engineering fee, high visibility, safe installation and operation, 5-year warranty on Chamber, Float and Indication Assembly, extruded outlet process links, custom-engineered floats ensure accurate indication and reliability.

Top 3 Krohne Magnetic Level Gauge


Krohne manufactures Magnetic Level Gauge for contact level measurement of liquids and interfaces without power supply. Magnetic float level for a sizeable range of applications in all industries. With the jagged metallic style, flaps are housed in a hermetically sealed glass tube with measuring distances.

Krohne offers Magnetic Level Gauge for basic liquid applications, for liquefied gas, for corrosive liquids, for extreme operating conditions, and magnetic level indicators with guided radar for liquid level applications.

Top 4 Vega Magnetic Level Gauge


Vega is a global manufacturer of sensors for measuring level, point level, pressure as well as devices and software for integrating them into process control systems.

Vega’s Magnetic Level Gauges VEGAPASS 81 and VEGAMAG 81 benefit is isolation from the process fluid. Separation allows for easy access to the level gauge for cleaning and eliminating contact with difficult media. These Magnetic Level Gauges are commonly low-cost with other level technologies. Vega magnetic gauges make the level clear from up to 200 feet away.


Top 5 Emerson Magnetic Level Gauge


Magtech Magnetic Level Gauges are undemanding, proxy to sight glasses and another level gauge. They offer transthoracic level marks while minimizing leak points and fugitive emissions.

Combined with externally mounted transmitters and switches, Magtech Level Gauge offers an absolute, unnecessary and economical level solution.


If you have enough budget, those brands are a good choice, if your project budget is limited, BCST magnetic level gauge is also a good selection. BCST has 20 years of experience in magnetic level gauge production.


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