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You can read the technical article about our valve and meter, such as the application, the installation, the technical problem solution, etc.

What are the Differences between Smart and Traditional Valve Positioners

Valve Positioner

The smart valve positioner is used as the main component of the control valve. Its diagnostic technology is constantly being developed and improved. Therefore, the smart valve positioner has a diagnostic, control, and detection role. Petrochemical industrial production is not only flammable, explosive, and toxic but also strongly corrosive. In addition, the harsh working environment …

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What is Temperature Switch

Temperature Switch

A temperature switch is a kind of switch that uses bimetal as the temperature sensing element. When the appliance is in normal operation, the bimetal is in a free state, and the contacts are closed/broken. When the temperature rises to the action temperature value, the bimetal element is heated to produce internal stress. The contact …

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What is Nitrogen Flow Meter

Nitrogen Flow Meter

What’s nitrogen? Nitrogen, with the chemical formula N₂, is a colorless and odorless gas. Nitrogen is chemically inactive. Nitrogen can only react with hydrogen to form ammonia at high temperatures and pressures and under catalyst conditions. Nitrogen can only combine with oxygen to form nitrous oxide under electrical discharge conditions. Even reactive metals such as …

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