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As an ISO registered company, BCST is a professional water flow meter manufacturer with over 20 years of history. Now it has a complete water flow meter production line and can supply a one-step water flow measurement solution.
BCST water flowmeters are widely used in water conservancy, environmental protection, water supply, and drainage, sewage treatment, electric power, paper making, petrochemical, metallurgy, brewing, and other industries.
BCST water flowmeters include electromagnetic water flowmeter, vortex water flowmeter, turbine water flowmeter, orifice plate water flow meter, and so on.
Different water flow meters are suitable for different applications, the model selection is based on the on-site situations. We would give you a professional technical guide if you purchase from us.
BCST supplies OEM and ODM for water flowmeter.
If you have any special requirements for a water flow meter, welcome to contact us.

electromagnetic Water flowmeter

BCST electromagnetic flowmeter is formulated according to Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction. It can be used to measure the volume flow of conductive fluids.


BCST insertion water flowmeter is a new type of flow meter developed on the basis of pipeline electromagnetic flowmeter. It can be used to solve the problems of installation difficulties and large costs of pipeline type electromagnetic flowmeter.


BCST battery magnetic water flowmeter is a lithium battery-powered electromagnetic flowmeter developed on the basis of the original electromagnetic flowmeter. The main purpose is to solve the problem of the site can not provide power.


BCST remote water flowmeter can not only measure the general conductive liquid flow, but also can measure the liquid-solid two-phase flow, high viscosity liquid flow and salt, strong acid, strong alkali liquid volume flow.

Vortex water flowmeter

BCST vortex water flowmeter is researched and produced according to the Karman Vortex principle to measure the volume flow of liquids such as water.

Turbine Water Flowmeter

BCST turbine water flowmeter is a new type of intelligent instrument that adopts advanced ultra-low-power single-chip microcomputer technology to develop turbine flow sensor and display and accumulation integration.


BCST small size ultrasonic water flowmeter can measure the flow of liquid such as water from piping diameter φ6.35 to φ90mm.


BCST ultrasonic water flow meter is an instrument that measures the flow of water etc. by detecting the action of fluid flow on the ultrasonic beam (or ultrasonic pulse).

Variable-Area-water -flowmeter

BCST variable area water flow meter can measure the flow rate of liquids such as water through a conical tube and float.

Orifice Plate water flowmeter

BCST orifice plate water flow meter is a standard orifice plate and multi-parameter differential pressure transmitter to form a high range ratio differential pressure flow device, it can measure the flow of water and other liquids.

v-cone water flowmeter

BCST V-cone water flow meter is a flow measurement instrument. It is mainly used for the flow measurement of water and other liquids.

Woltman Water Flowmeter

BCST Woltman water flowmeter is a kind of mechanical  velocity water meter, It is low cost water measurement solution

Feature of Various Water Flowmeters in BCST 

1.For electromagnetic water flowmeter:

★ Unaffected by changes in fluid density, viscosity, temperature, pressure, and conductivity.

★ No obstructing flow parts in the tube, no pressure loss, low straight pipe section requirement

★ Unique adaptability to slurry measurement.

★ Low power consumption, stable zero point, and high accuracy.

★ Flow range degree up to 150:1.

★ The converter can be formed into a monoblock type of separated type with the sensor.

★ Easy parameter setting, reliable programming.

★ Can display positive and negative flow rate

★ A variety of outputs: current, pulse, digital communication, HART

★ The converter adopts surface mount technology (SMT) with self-test and self-diagnostic function

2.For vortex water flowmeter:

★Simple and solid structure, no moving parts, high reliability, long-term operation is very reliable.

★Simple installation, very easy maintenance.

★The detection sensor does not directly contact the measured medium, with stable performance and long life.

★ The output is a pulse signal proportional to the flow rate, no zero-point drift, high accuracy.

★ Wide measuring range, range ratio up to 1:10.

★ Smaller pressure loss, lower operating cost, more energy-saving significance.

3.For turbine water flowmeter:

★ Small pressure loss and impeller with anti-corrosion function.

★ Adopting advanced ultra-low-power single-chip microcomputer technology, the whole machine has strong function, low power consumption, and superior performance.

★ Adopt a fully stainless steel structure, good anti-corrosion performance.

★ Easy to maintain, with self-rectifying structure, small and light, simple structure, can be combined and disassembled in a short time

★ Simple internal cleaning.

★ Strong anti-magnetic interference and vibration capability, reliable performance, and long life

★ Low lower flow rate limit, wide measuring range

★ Corrosion-resistant, suitable for acid and alkali solutions

4.For ultrasonic water flow meter:

★Wide range of applications

★Non-contact meter

★Measurement accuracy is very high

★Almost immune to the interference of various parameters of the measured medium

★Can measure the flow of strong corrosive, non-conductive, radioactive and flammable, and explosive media

★Wide range of measurement

5.For orifice plate water flowmeter:

★Standard throttles are all-inclusive and can be put into service without real-flow calibration, and are unique among flow sensors.

★The structure is easy to copy, simple, solid, stable, and reliable performance at a low price.

★Wide range of applications

★Detecting parts and differential pressure display instruments can be produced separately by different manufacturers, which is convenient for specialized scale production.

6.For V-cone water flowmeter:

★High long-term accuracy

★Good stability

★Small limitations by installation conditions


★Wide measuring range

★Low-pressure loss

★Suitable for dirty media

7.For Woltman water flowmeter:

★High flow capacity

★Low-pressure loss

★ Low Cost

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