What is Industrial Manometers ?

With industry development, manometers are becoming more and more commonly used. But many people don’t know much about manometers yet.

The industrial manometer is a type of manometer. There are many different types of manometers; the old blood. The industrial manometer is a type of manometer. The industrial manometer is also called a pressure gauge, but it is not called a manometer. Today let’s learn more about industrial manometer.

Industrial Manometers

1. Classification of industrial manometer

1.1 Measurement accuracy

An industrial manometer can divide into precision and general industrial manometer. Precision industrial manometer measurement accuracy level are 0.1, 0.16, 0.25, 0.4 level 0.05 level; general industrial manometer measurement accuracy level are 1.0, 1.6, 2.5, 4. 0 level.

1.2 Measurement standards.

We can divide industrial manometer, absolute industrial manometer, SS industrial manometer, and differential industrial manometer. It is based on the industrial manometer to indicate the pressure of different benchmarks. The general industrial manometer is based on atmospheric pressure. The absolute industrial manometer is based on total pressure zero. And the differential industrial manometer measures the difference between the two measured pressures.

1.3 Measurement range

We can also divide vacuum gauges, pressure vacuum gauges, micro-industrial manometers. And the low industrial manometers, medium industrial manometers, and high industrial manometers.

Vacuum gauges use to measure pressure values less than atmospheric pressure. Pressure vacuum gauges should measure pressure values less than and greater than atmospheric pressure. Miniature industrial manometers should use measure pressure values less than 60,000 Pa. Low-level industrial manometers should use measure pressure values between 0 and 6 MPa. Medium industrial manometers should use measure pressure values from 10 to 60 MPa.

Industrial Manometers

1.4 Display method

Industrial manometers are divided into pointer industrial manometer digital industrial manometer.

1.5 Use of functions

Industrial manometers can measure and indicate pressures. They are used in almost all industrial processes and research. The Industrial manometers accurately indicate the steam pressure level in the pressure product. The operator can then adjust the heating of the product according to the stated value of the pressure gauge to ensure the requirements of the gas sector and the safe operation of the pressure product.

2. Applications of industrial manometers

Industrial manometers are mainly used for pressure measurement of liquids, gases, and steam.

The working principle of the Industrial manometer is the use of sensitive elastic components (such as spring tubes) in the role of pressure to produce elastic deformation. The size of the deformation is linearly related to the force applied. It is amplified by the transmission mechanism and indicated by the pointer on the indexing plate to mark the measured pressure according to the different elastic sensitive components. It has various styles: spring tube type, membrane box type, diaphragm type, bellows-type, etc.

Industrial Manometers

The Industrial manometer is a flexible pressure instrument. Its structural principle is composed of a loose. Industrial manometer measuring system (including joints, elastic components, transmission mechanism, etc.), indication part (including hands and dials) and shell part (including case, cover ring, and table glass, etc.), the instrument has good sealing and has a check seal device, which can protect its internal measuring mechanism from mechanical damage and dirt intrusion.

The principle of action of the Industrial elastic manometer is based on the deformation of the flexible element (the spring tube in the measuring system). First, it is under the pressure of the measured medium, forcing the elastic element to deform. Then it is amplified by the rotation of the connecting rod through the gear rotation mechanism, which gradually indicates the measured pressure on the indexing dial using a pointer fixed on the gear shaft.

3. Use of industrial manometers

In life, we will find with careful observation. There are many places where Industrial manometers are used. For example, some steam furnaces or some heat pipes will employ Industrial manometers, so Industrial manometers are used in almost any industrial process and scientific research field. The places where we use Industrial manometers are very various.

Pressure Gauges

There are many types of gauges, not only the general pointer type, but also the digital and conventional style, so when we use it in any place, we need to choose it according to our needs so that we can select the Industrial manometer that is suitable for our users to work safely.

Those in regular contact know that the production process of industrial manometers requires excellent care. It is the pressure. It is displayed by the sensitive element in the gauge to the elastic change that causes the pointer to turn. For example, the types of industrial manometers are erosion-resistant. Explosion-proof type pressure should be according to the working environment. so specific environments and locations. It would help if you used the corresponding industrial manometer to work.

However, we should also know that after a period of use and an Industrial manometer. It may also appear some deformation and wear and tear. It will also produce a specific error and failure, so we must regularly overhaul and maintain the situation’s safety in a timely replacement to ensure the correct, safe and reliable use. In addition, we also have to have clean regularly. The Industrial manometer will have some fuzzy inside. However, not being clean will increase the wear and tear of the machine parts, thus affecting the regular work.

4. Conclusion

Industrial manometers have widespread applications, and they are used in almost all industrial processes and scientific research. We can find it everywhere in thermal networks, oil and gas transmission, water and gas supply systems, vehicle repair and maintenance shops, and other areas. In industrial process control and technical measurement, mechanical manometers are increasingly widely used due to the high mechanical strength and ease of production of flexible, sensitive elements.

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