What Are Differences Between Throttling Orifice Plates and Restriction Plates in Throttling Orifice Plate Flow Meter

Before introducing the throttling orifice plate flow meter, this article will first give you a distinction between the two concepts, that is, restriction orifice plate and throttling orifice plate, which:

1.Restriction orifice plate:

Restriction orifice plate is mainly set up in the pipeline to restrict the flow of fluid or reduce the pressure of the fluid, its application includes the following aspects: process materials need to reduce the pressure, and accuracy requirements are not high; in the pipeline valve upstream and downstream needs to have a larger pressure drop, in order to reduce the fluid erosion of the valve, when throttled by the orifice plate will not produce a gas phase, can be upstream of the valve tandem orifice plate; the fluid requires a small amount of flow and Continuous flow of fluid needs small flow and places, such as pump flushing pipeline, hot standby pump bypass pipeline (low-flow protection pipeline), analysis of the sampling pipe and other places; need to reduce the pressure to reduce the noise or wear and tear of the place.

2.Throttle Orifice Plate:

It consists of the throttle orifice plate, pressure-taking device, front and rear straight pipe sections connecting flanges, etc. It is a primary device in the differential-pressure flow measurement system, which can be used together with the differential-pressure transmitter to realize the measurement of the flow of single-phase, homogeneous liquids, gases, and vapors filled with pipelines. The principle is that when the pipeline is filled with fluid flow through the orifice plate, there will be a local contraction, the flow beam is concentrated, the flow rate increases and the static pressure decreases, so in the orifice plate before and after the production of a static pressure difference, the pressure difference and the flow rate of the existence of a certain function of the flow rate, the greater the flow rate, the larger the difference between the pressure is. The pressure conduit will be the differential pressure signal to the differential pressure transmitter, converted to a 4 ~ standard signal, through the flow display instrument, it will show the instantaneous and cumulative flow in the pipeline.

Throttling Orifice Plate Flow Meter

Throttle orifice plate flow meter can be widely used in a variety of fluids, especially gas flow measurement, its design, manufacture, and use are in line with the provisions of international standards IS05167, and in accordance with the national standard JJG64097 for verification. The standard orifice plate can be divided into three types according to the way of taking pressure angle connection pressure (including ring chamber pressure and separate drilling pressure two kinds), flange pressure, radius pressure (D-D/2), at present the field commonly used in the ring chamber pressure and flange pressure two kinds of ways.

The installation of the throttling orifice plate flow meter is related to the following pipe sections and fittings: the first resistance piece and the second resistance piece on the upstream side of the throttling member, the first resistance piece on the right side under the throttling member, the pipe section between the second resistance piece upstream of the throttling member and the first resistance piece downstream, as well as the piping of the differential pressure signaling pipeline and so on.

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