What Are the 5 points You Must Know about Magnetic Flip Level Gauge

Magnetic flip level gauge is a commonly used level gauge product. It has the features of intuitive observation, clear, non-clogging, non-leakage, easy installation, corrosion resistance, high reliability and simple maintenance. And it can be used for medium level detection in various towers, tanks, troughs, spherical vessels and boilers.

The development follows the principle of buoyancy and magnetic coupling. When the liquid level in the measured vessel rises or falls, the magnetic float within the body tube of the level gauge rises or falls accordingly. It transmits the magnetic force from the magnetic steel inside the float to the magnetic flip column indicator through magnetic coupling. This action drives the red and white flip column to rotate 180°. As the liquid level rises, the flip column changes from white to red. Conversely, as the liquid level falls, it changes from red to white. The red-white junction on the indicator accurately represents the actual height of the liquid level inside the vessel, thus achieving clear indication of the liquid level.

What Are the 5 points You Must Know about Magnetic Flip Level Gauge

Working Principle

The magnetic flip-flop level gauge operates within the main measuring chamber, positioning a float according to the specific gravity of the measured liquid. This ensures the float remains buoyant above the liquid surface. As the liquid level within the container fluctuates, the float synchronously rises and falls. Inside the float, magnetic steel interacts with the external magnetic flip column or flip flap within the cavity, inducing flipping motions. Consequently, changes in the liquid level can be indirectly observed through the measurement.


  1. Suitable for measuring the level and interface of liquid medium in the container. In addition to providing on-site indication, it can also equip itself with a remote transmitter, alarm switch, and comprehensive detection function.
  2. According to the user’s needs, the observation indicator can change direction, offering novel indication, intuitive reading, and eye-catching features.
  3. Wide measuring range, not limited by the height of the storage tank.
  4. The indicator isolates completely from the measured medium, ensuring good sealing, high reliability, and safe usage.
  5. Magnetic flap level meter simple structure, easy installation, easy maintenance, corrosion resistance, no power supply, explosion-proof.

Magnetic Level Gauge


The magnetic flap level gauge, widely utilized across industrial sectors like petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, environmental protection, shipbuilding, construction, food, and others, offers direct observation of liquid levels within containers through its display panel. It serves primarily for measuring levels in various tanks, towers, spherical containers, and boilers, along with other industrial production equipment. Its application is common in high-temperature, explosion-proof, and anti-corrosive environments, whether for local display of levels or remote measurement and control.

According to requirements, one can install the magnetic flip-flop level gauge indicator on the outer edge of the tank or above it. If necessary, one can add a drain valve, and through flange connection, achieve customized measurement and control of liquid level height over a broader range.

Magnetic flap level gauge used with magnetic switch device or remote transmitter, generally suitable for use in high temperature, high pressure and high corrosion resistance requirements of the occasion, can realize real-time display of liquid level or remote data transmission and control.

In flammable and explosive hazardous environments, the use of explosion-proof magnetic flip-flop level meters is typically necessary. This is because remote transmission of electrical signals is required. By employing magnetic switches with explosion-proof capabilities or remote transmitters, one can achieve high and low level alarm actions as well as remote real-time control of the liquid level.

In lower temperature conditions, manufacturers frequently insulate magnetic flip-flop level meters using common types such as vacuum jackets, steam jackets, and electric heat insulation. They primarily employ these insulation methods for measuring the viscosity of liquids prone to solidification during winter and for measuring the liquid level temperature in lower-temperature liquid media.

magnetic float level gauge

Correct Installation

  1. To prevent damage to the magnetic float during transportation, the magnetic flip-flop level meter factory will employ nylon tape to secure the float to its side. Before installation, users must open the lower flange and ensure they correctly position the float with the magnetic end facing the arrows and the heavy end facing upwards. Users must not install it upside down.
  2. During installation, one must keep the magnetic flip-flop level meter vertical to ensure that the magnetic float can move up and down smoothly within the float.
  3. For proper installation of the top-mounted magnetic flip-flop level meter, ensure that the magnetic flip-flop level meter guard conduit and the main conduit remain vertical and aligned in the same vertical line. Avoid bending the float linkage; instead, load it straight.
  4. After delivery, one must not privately dismantle the 304 PTFE lined anti-corrosion type magnetic flip-flop level meter to ensure the reliability of the sealing. This is necessary due to the unique sealing structure of the float and the flange interface, which necessitates assembly with a special tool.
  5. Typically, manufacturers produce magnetic flip-flop level meters with an ultra-long measuring range exceeding 4 meters in sections to minimize logistics and transportation costs.
  6. In the assembly of reed switch remote transmitter, need to pay attention to:
  • The sensing surface of the reed switch should be facing and close to the float of the magnetic flap level meter, and fixed with stainless steel (not iron) hoop.
  • The zero position of the reed switch transmitter should be on the same level with that of the magnetic flap level meter.
  • A valve should be installed between the magnetic flap level meter and the container be cut off the material during cleaning and maintenance.
  • After completing the installation of the magnetic flap level meter, one needs to calibrate it with the magnet so that it displays silver-white color above the zero level and red color below the zero level.

4-20ma output magnetic level gauge (2)

Correct Maintenance

  1. To ensure the normal operation of the magnetic flip-flop level meter, it’s necessary to keep it away from surrounding magnetic materials and refrain from using iron clamps to secure it.
  2. To operate the magnetic flip-flop level meter, you should initially open the upper pilot tube valve, followed by gradually opening the lower pilot tube valve. This ensures smooth flow of the liquid medium and prevents rapid rise of the liquid medium along with the float, which could lead to flip-flop failure or disorder. And using a magnet can correct such a phenomenon.
  3. To prevent float blockage, ensure that solid impurities do not enter the magnetic flap level meter float. According to the media, individuals can regularly clean the float to remove the impurities in it.
  4. To maintain the intuitive display of the real-time liquid level status on the display panel of the magnetic flip-flop level meter and ensure clarity without obstruction by dirt, regular checks and cleaning of the display panel are necessary.
  5. If you observe any issues such as flap failure, inaccurate readings, or immobility of the magnetic float with the magnetic flap level meter, it is crucial to avoid causing further damage by seeking professional guidance from engineers for operation. Refrain from relying on personal judgment or attempting to resolve the problem based on individual experience.

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