What Are the Purpose of the Float Level Switch

What Are the Purpose of the Float Level Switch


Float level switch structure is mainly based on the principle of buoyancy and static magnetic field design and production. The position of the float with magnet (referred to as float) in the measured medium is influenced by the buoyancy effect. Changes in liquid level result in changes in the position of the magnetic float. The magnet in the float and the sensor (reed switch) act to produce a switching signal. The principle is similar to that of the float level meter, but the float level meter outputs a quasi-continuous electrical signal; while the float level switch outputs a discrete switching signal.


Wide Range of Applications and Long Service Life

Through the use of float level switches, many industry sectors’ needs can be met, with a wide range of applications. Float level switches do not require a power supply, thus achieving an extraordinary service life and saving on operational costs. Additionally, due to its high junction box protection level and reliable quality, there is no need to worry about safety hazards.

Customization According to Needs

Float level switches can be controlled based on their position, customized according to actual demand. Naturally, they can be tailored to meet specific requirements of the working environment, providing performance advantages to match the usage characteristics. By comparing the features of different brands and models, a clearer direction can be determined for the selection process.

Aim to Meet the Needs of Harsh Environments

Float level switches can meet the needs of use in harsh environments, whether in high temperature and high pressure locations or in acidic and alkaline solutions. They can be used in conjunction with these environments without worrying about material problems. After installation, they achieve improved stability and reliability, enabling normal operation.

Through the use of float level switches, you can really use magnetic operation, and operate in the entire workflow, very simple and reliable, high security. As long as you choose the regular brand manufacturers produce the switch, through the correct way to apply reasonably, naturally, to ensure that its use characteristics of the advantages of the full embodiment.

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Float level switch is specially used in various small and medium-sized atmospheric and pressurized liquid storage tank level detection, on-site indication, signal transmission, and level alarm. It can be applied to a variety of hygiene, toxic, corrosive media, and explosive gas hazardous places. There are a variety of installation forms applicable to various forms of containers. The float level switch is adapted to control the pump operation to maintain the liquid level, control the automatic loading and unloading of tanks, and control the liquid level or supply signals, such as in oil tanks, automatic cleaning systems, hydraulic oil tanks, low-pressure boilers, and sewage treatment systems.

Application in Industrial Field

Float type liquid level switch has a wide range of applications in the industrial field. It can accurately detect the high and low level of liquid and can be applied to liquid storage tanks, tanks, pipelines and other equipment. By setting suitable alarm and control devices, it can realize the monitoring and control of liquid level and improve the automation level of the production process. For example, in the chemical industry, float level switches can be used to monitor the level of liquids in chemical reaction tanks, alarm and take measures in time to ensure the safety and stability of the production process.

Applications in Environmental Protection

Float level switches also play an important role in the field of environmental protection. For example, in wastewater treatment plants, the level of wastewater can be monitored by installing float level switches to ensure the normal operation of the treatment process. When the wastewater level is too high, the switch will trigger an alarm system to remind operators to take timely treatment measures. In addition, in the oil-water separation system, the float level switch can accurately control the position of the oil-water interface to ensure efficient separation and reduce pollution to the environment.

Application in Food Industry

In the food industry, float level switches also play an important role. For example, in food processing, the float level switch can be used to monitor the level of raw materials to ensure the continuity and consistency of the production process. At the same time, it can also be used to monitor the liquid level of food tanks, containers, etc., to remind staff to replenish or replace them in time. This can not only improve production efficiency, but also ensure product quality and safety.

Application in the Construction Industry

In the construction industry, float level switches can be used to monitor the liquid level of water tanks, pools and so on. For example, installing a float level switch in a water tank in a high-rise building can monitor and control the water level of the water supply system. When the water level is too low, the switch will trigger an automatic replenishment device to ensure stable water pressure and continuity of water supply. This application not only improves the comfort of the building, but also helps to conserve water resources.

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