What Are the Scenarios for the Use of Ultrasonic Level Meter

An Ultrasonic level meter is a commonly used device for measuring liquid levels, which has a wide range of uses. The Ultrasonic level meter is characterized by easy installation, and non-contact measurement, and is not affected by liquid viscosity and transparency. At the same time, because the ultrasonic level meter is transmitted through the air, its measurement accuracy is affected by the ambient temperature, ambient humidity, medium temperature, medium pressure, wind speed, and other factors. According to the characteristics of ultrasonic waves, it is more suitable for occasions where the precision requirement is not high and the working environment is not harsh.

ultrasonic level meter

Ⅰ. Suitable for the application of the scene

  1. Water conservancy industry

In water conservancy projects, ultrasonic level meters can measure reservoirs, rivers, water levels, etc., to help water conservancy engineers monitor changes in water levels. For example, in the event of floods and other disasters, the ultrasonic level meter can detect the water level changes in real-time, and through the set alarm system issue an alert to remind people to take the necessary safety measures.

  1. The power industry

In the power industry, the ultrasonic level meter can be applied to liquid level measurement and control. In thermal power station power generation, steam generator level is an important indicator of power generation efficiency and safety, it can measure the liquid level inside the steam generator in order to adjust the amount of steam generator in time.

In the hydraulic station, the level meter can help measure the water level of the reservoir, and automatically control the work of the pump to maintain a reasonable pressure and water level to ensure the normal operation of the water supply system.

  1. The petroleum industry

In the petroleum industry, ultrasonic level meters can measure the level of oil tanks, real-time monitoring of oil tanks, and oil volume, to assist in the storage of oil tanks, filling, and lifting operations. The use of an ultrasonic level meter for liquid level control can realize more accurate liquid level monitoring and control, to avoid the loss of petroleum products due to level fluctuations and environmental pollution and other issues.

  1. Chemical industry

In the chemical industry, the ultrasonic level meter is an important tool for safety management and can help monitor the level of various liquid storage tanks, to ensure that the level is in the safe range. For example, in the tank of highly volatile organic substances, the ultrasonic level meter can be installed in the tank of the relief pipe, to detect changes in liquid level, determine whether there is a leak in the tank, to provide timely monitoring and preventive measures.

ultrasonic level meter

  1. Pharmaceutical industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, the ultrasonic level meter can measure the level of the liquid, to ensure the quantitative delivery of the liquid. The reliability of the ultrasonic level meter In conclusion, ultrasonic level meter has a very wide range of applications, involving a variety of industries, the advantage of the ultrasonic level meter are high accuracy, real-time monitoring, reliability, etc., which not only improves industrial production efficiency, but also guarantee the safety of industrial production process. Therefore, ultrasonic level meter has become an indispensable and important measuring instrument in various industries.


 Ⅱ.Not suitable for the application of the scene

1. Vacuum environment and propagation medium changes (such as strong fluctuations) occasion ultrasonic mechanical waves, naturally, need to rely on the propagation medium, therefore, the application of an ultrasonic level meter does not use restrictions on the vacuum environment and propagation medium changes (such as strong fluctuations) occasions.

2. In Large-scale, high-precision occasions mechanical waves, there will be an attenuation process of ultrasonic propagation, taking into account the contradiction between accuracy and range, the practical application of ultrasonic level meter is very small, slightly poorer accuracy, so in the large-scale and high-precision occasions can not use ultrasonic level meter.

3. Ultrasonic level meter in high temperature and high-pressure occasions transducer is consisting of a piezoelectric ceramic and plastic shell, so we can not use it in high temperature and high-pressure environment. Generally speaking, the ultrasonic level meter of the large allowable temperature of 80 ℃.

4. Ultrasonic level meter in practical applications, the temperature changes frequently. With the amount of time and distance value, it can combine with the speed of sound (time multiplied by the speed of sound = distance)  . However, the speed of sound will change with the medium and temperature changes, so the ultrasonic level meter can not suitable for frequent temperature changes.


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