What Are the Six Aspects about Ultrasonic Level Meters

1.Meaning of ultrasonic level meter.

Ultrasonic level meter is composed of microprocessor controlled digital level meter. In the measurement ultrasonic pulses are transmitted by the transducer issued by the sound wave reflected by the liquid surface is received by the same sensor, through the piezoelectric crystal converted into an electrical signal, and by the sound wave emission and reception of the time between the sensor to the surface of the measured liquid to calculate the distance. Due to the use of non-contact measurement, the measured medium is almost unlimited, can be widely used in a variety of liquid and solid material height measurement.

Ultrasonic Level Meter
Ultrasonic Level Meter

2.The working principle of Ultrasonic Level Meter.

The ultrasonic level meter works by Ultrasonic transducer (Probe) issued by the ultrasonic transducer high-frequency pulsed sound waves encountered by the measured level (material) surface is reflected back to reflect the echo is received by the transducer is converted into an electrical signal. The propagation time of the sound wave is directly proportional to the distance from the sound wave to the surface of the object. Acoustic wave transmission distance S and the speed of sound C and sound transmission time T relationship can be expressed by the formula: S = C × T / 2.

Table of equations relating the speed of sound C to the sound transmission time T

Since the emitted ultrasonic pulse has a certain width, it makes the reflected wave in a small area closer to the transducer overlap with the emitted wave, which cannot be recognized and its distance value cannot be measured. This area is called the measurement blind zone. The size of the blind zone and Ultrasonic level meter .The size of the blind zone is related to the model of the ultrasonic level meter.

The probe part emits ultrasonic waves, ultrasonic waves encountered with the air density difference between the medium will be reflected, the reflected wave is received by the probe part, the probe to the liquid (object) surface distance and ultrasonic time proportional to:.

Distance [m] = time x speed of sound/2 [m]

Temperature compensation formula for speed of sound: ambient speed of sound = 331.5 + 0.6 x temperature

3.The application areas of Ultrasonic Level Meter.

Water and sewage treatment: pumping station, collecting wells, biochemical reaction tanks, sedimentation tanks and so on.

Electric power, mining: gray slurry pool, coal slurry pool, water treatment, etc.

4.Ultrasonic Level Meter in water level monitoring application.

Ultrasonic level gauge is the use of ultrasonic pulse echo method to realize the liquid level measurement. Ultrasonic level meter transducer (probe) sends out high-frequency ultrasonic pulses, when encountered with the measured level surface, the sound wave is reflected back, part of the reflected echo is received by the transducer (probe) and converted into an electrical signal, the user can be based on the reflected signal almost real-time know the water level.

5.The requirements of Ultrasonic Level Meter installation.

( 1 ) Due to the existence of the beam angle, the ultrasonic beam shall not intersect with the feeding material flow, so do not install the integrated ultrasonic level meter above the feeding material flow to ensure that the measurement is the surface of the medium rather than the feeding material flow. At the same time, the installation should ensure that the highest material level shall not enter the measurement of the blind zone.
( 2 ) Integrated ultrasonic level meter and the tank wall must maintain a certain distance.
( 3 )Integrated ultrasonic level meter installation as far as possible so that the transducer and the liquid surface to maintain vertical.
( 4 ) Instrumentation in the outdoor installation, should take shade, rain measures to avoid direct sunlight, to reduce the measurement error caused by temperature changes.
( 5 ) The integrated ultrasonic level meter installed in the hazardous area must comply with the national explosion-proof hazardous area installation regulations. Intrinsically safe integrated ultrasonic level meter installed in explosion-proof requirements, ultrasonic level meter must be grounded.

( 6 ) When used for the measurement of grooved vessels, the installation should pay attention to the load-bearing capacity of the bracket, and the probe launching angle should not be far beyond the boundary of point A. The mounting height should be ensured to be within the range.

Ultrasonic level meter installation diagram

Note:     1. Pay attention to the load-bearing capacity of the bracket when installing.

2. Do not extend the probe launch angle beyond the point A boundary.

3.Make sure the mounting height is within the range.

When used for level measurement in conical tanks, the optimal installation position for a conical vessel with a flat top ultrasonic level gauge is the center of the top of the vessel, which ensures that the measurement reaches the bottom of the vessel.

Ultrasonic level meter installation diagram

Note: For conical vessels with a flat fill top, the optimum mounting position for the meter is the center of the vessel top, which ensures measurement to the bottom of the vessel.

6.The top ten brands of Ultrasonic Level Meter.

Excellent ultrasonic level meter brands include Shunlaida, Ennide, Hai Sheng Yi Te, Xin Xin, Ye Li Industrial Control, Jing Bo, Hua cheng Xing Ye, MEACON, OBOSIDE and Qian You.

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