What are the Types of Sight Glasses Flow Indicator ?

1. What is the sight glass flow indicator?

A sight glass is a device used to observe the condition of the material inside the vessel and equipment. It is a safety accessory, and it requires regular inspection. We divide them into round and rectangular sight glasses according to their shape. We divide them into peep and illuminated sight glasses according to their use. If we divide them by construction, we divide them into sight glasses with and without lining, with neck, with hood, double safety, insulated, with scrapers, with flushing device and suitable for sight glasses for powdered materials. Today we will talk about sight glasses.

2. Classification of Sight Glasses

Sight glasses can be divided into valve sight glasses, pipe sight glasses, straight through sight glasses, industrial sight glasses, etc.

3. The valve sight glass flow indicator 

3.1 Components of a valve sight glass flow indicator 

Structure: The sight glass is mainly composed of sight glass base plate, sight glass, valve assembly, etc.

Use: The sight glass can be used in chemical towers with high temperatures. It is corrosive, easy to poison, dangerous, and crystallize to ensure its safe production.

Sight Glasses

3.2 The working principle of   sight glasses flow indicator 

For example, we are in the process of urea production in the low and medium pressure tower with sight glass. Due to the high working temperature, the characteristics of the liquid corrosive, easy to cause damage to the liquid level meter sight glass, sight glass bottom plate deformation, and in the installation of the sight glass process, sometimes due to uneven force, easy to cause the sight glass rupture. Moreover, if not found in time, leakage is bound to occur when the machine is switched on, at which point we must shut down the whole system for hot washing and replacement. This brings difficulties to the long cycle of safe operation of the system and seriously affects the efficiency of urea production.

According to the urea production process, “liquid affected by temperature easy to crystallize” this characteristic, we combine all kinds of the shut-off valve, insulation valve use characteristics, we after a long period of observation, feel and think, we designed the use of the sight glass base plate for the valve body, in the base plate on, under the liquid into each add a valve for control, in the sight glass level meter installed on the base plate, around through the insulation steam insulation, to prevent the liquid cooling crystallization Form a false liquid level.

When the sight glass base plate is welded to the tower vessel, we use the tower’s heat to raise the temperature of the sight glass base plate, which can further prevent liquid crystallization. In addition, if the sight glass leaks or the sight glass is damaged, we can close the valve on the base plate first, so that we can replace the sight glass without stopping, but also to ensure normal production, and the personal safety of the operator and the safety of the working environment is also guaranteed.

4. The pipe sight glasses flow indicator 

Pipeline sight glass is one of the main accessories on industrial pipeline installations. It can observe the flow reaction of liquid, gas, steam, and other media in the pipeline at any time. It can also monitor the production to avoid accidents during the production process. We are often used in petroleum, chemical, chemical fiber, pharmaceutical, and other production pipelines.

pipe sight glasses

4.1 Features

The pipe sight glass has a small installation size, and it has a small driving torque, easy and rapid operation. It also has a good flow adjustment function and closing sealing characteristics. The sight glass uses large and medium diameter, low and medium pressure field, is the dominant form of the sight glass.

4.2 Structure

The sight glass mainly consists of the sight glass base plate, the sight glass, and the valve assembly.

4.3 Applications

Sight glasses can be used in high temperature, corrosive, poisonous, dangerous, easy to crystallize chemical towers to ensure their safe production.

5. The straight-through sight glasses

Straight through sight glass includes a valve body, the valve body includes a liquid channel and an observation channel, the mouth of the liquid channel is provided with a pipe connection flange, we can observe the mouth of the channel with a sight glass connection flange, the sight glass connection flange is connected to the gland, we will fix the sight glass between the connection flange and the gland; an impeller characterizes it on the observation channel near the sight glass, the impeller consists of an impeller rod and a pivot on the impeller rod The impeller consists of an impeller rod and an impeller blade pivoted on the impeller rod, the impeller rod is fixed to the housing of the valve body perpendicular to the direction of the liquid level in the liquid channel.

straight through sight glasses

6. The industrial sight glasses

Industrial sight glass is a kind of industrial production installed in specific instruments, equipment, windows, or holes to observe the flame temperature, gas, steam, and other media flow glass. We use glass with exceptional high-temperature resistance, high-pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, muscular mechanical strength, and good transparency.

industrial sight glasses

Industrial sight glass is widely used for glass boiler sight glass, pressure vessel sight glass, valve pipe sight glass, steel mill peephole sight glass, liquid level meter glass, etc.

7. Conclusion

Industrial endoscopes (also called bore detectors, snake detectors, etc.) are products that extend the human eye and allow observation of the state of the internal space of containers inaccessible to the human eye.

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