What Is A Pipe Segment Ultrasonic Flow Meter


What Is A Pipe Segment Ultrasonic Flow Meter

In the industrial field, the instruments that measure the flow of fluids are collectively called flow meters. Flow meters are important instruments for industrial measurement. With the development of industry, the accuracy and range of flow measurement are getting higher and higher. To adapt to a variety of uses, there are various types of flow meters. Pipeline ultrasonic flow meters are widely used in the oil, gas, petrochemical, water treatment, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, energy, metallurgy, pulp and paper, building materials, and other industries.

Pipe segment ultrasonic flow meter principle

A pipe segment ultrasonic flow meter is an instrument that measures the flow rate of fluids using ultrasonic pulses. It operates on the principle of time-difference measurement, where one probe sends a signal through the medium and the pipe wall to be received by another probe on the opposite side. Simultaneously, the second probe sends a signal back to the first probe. The flow of the medium causes a time difference in the signals, which is used to calculate the flow rate using a conversion formula. Since it is a non-contact instrument, it can measure media that are difficult to observe or contact and can also measure large diameter media, such as chemical liquids, alcohol, water, industrial sewage, acids, and alkalis. This instrument offers higher accuracy and a wider range of applications.

Pipe type ultrasonic flowmeter (2)

Pipe segment type ultrasonic flow meter installation and operation requirements:

  1. The device location and orientation according to the needs of the determination, but the electrode axis is necessary to level.
  2. It is necessary to ground, in order to reduce the introduction of disturbing signals. Grounding has two aspects of the request, one is the sensor and converter grounding line is necessary with the measured medium conduction, the second is to the earth for zero potential.
  3. In order to avoid disturbing the signal, the sensor and the signal line between the converter it is necessary to use special shielded wire, and wear in the grounding steel tube alone, can not put the signal cable and power cable placed in the same steel tube.
  4. When the flow meter is installed in the ground, the need to set up the appearance of the well.
  5. The medium activity is not stable on the measured value does not affect, so the installation of the flow meterbefore and after the straight segment and no special requirements.

Pipe segment ultrasonic flow meter applications

Pipeline ultrasonic flow meter for reservoirs, rivers, water conservancy projects, urban water supply, sewage treatment, agricultural irrigation, water resources and other rectangular, trapezoidal nullahs, culverts, flow measurement. There are many types of nullah flow meter, including weir-shaped nullah flow meter and trough-shaped nullah flow meter. Ultrasonic nullah flow meter in addition to round, but also has a U-shaped, trapezoidal, rectangular and other shapes.

Measurement of fluid flow in many non-full water, high flow (or low flow) and natural flow free water state is called open channel flow detection. As the open channel flow is large or small, the fluid is often corrosive or impurities, so it is difficult to use the general pipeline flow meter to detect the flow.

Pipeline ultrasonic flow meter combined with the corresponding Bashir tank, the use of ultrasonic propagation law in the air to measure the height of the liquid level, and continuously to the host transmission level information. The host computer automatically measures the instantaneous flow rate and cumulative flow rate through the calculation system and stores them.

The instrument adopts advanced flow detection technology, without contacting the fluid, with perfect level measurement, control, data transmission and man-machine communication functions.

Pipeline ultrasonic flow meter is a collection of ultrasonic transceiver sensors, servo circuits, temperature compensation sensors and compensation circuit units, computers, displays, control signal output, serial data or analog output unit in one of the flow measurement instruments.

Pipe type ultrasonic flowmeter

BCST pipe segment type ultrasonic flow meter

The BCST pipe segment type ultrasonic flow meter, a kind of non-obstructive flow meter, is more suitable for solving the difficult problem of flow measurement for a certain class of flow meters, especially having more outstanding advantages in the measurement of large diameters.


  • High accuracy: Betterthan ±1%
  • Wide measuring range: several types of sensors are available for pipe sizes from Dn15mm to Dn6000mm.
  • HighReliability:Adopt low voltage, multi-pulse technology to improve accuracy, use fullife and
  • Strong Anti-interference: Dual-balancesignal differential receiver/driver circuitto avoid interference of converter,TV tower,high voltage line
  • Powerful Recording Function
  • Automaticallyrecord the following data:
  1. Totalizer data for the last 512 days/128 months/10 years
  2. The time and corresponding flow rate of the last 64times of power on and off events
  3. The working status of the last 32days
  • Far Transmission Distance,Easy for Networking
  • RS485supportwirelessnetwork,connectGPRS module to accomplish wireless
  • Support Heat Measurement
  • Connectthe temperature transducer, can finish the heat/energy measurement

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