What Is An Online PH Meter

The online pH meter is an instrument for measuring the acidity and alkalinity (pH) of a solution, by using a pH sensor to monitor and measure the hydrogen ion concentration in the solution in real-time. It has many unique features and functions and can be used in a wide range of applications in several fields. Besides, online pH meter has been simplified with guaranteed performance, resulting in a price advantage. It can be widely used in continuous monitoring of pH value in solutions of thermal power, chemical fertilizer, metallurgy, environmental protection, pharmaceutical, biochemical, food, and tap water.

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Main Features

Micro-computerization: Adopting a high-performance CPU chip, high-precision AD conversion technology, and SMT patch technology, it can complete multi-parameter measurement, temperature compensation, automatic conversion of range, and self-test of the instrument, with high precision and good repeatability.

High reliability: no complicated function switch adjustment knob.

Strong anti-interference ability: current output and alarm relay adopt photoelectric coupling isolation technology, strong anti-interference ability, and realize remote transmission.

Automatic alarm function: alarm signal isolated output, alarm upper and lower limits can be set arbitrarily, alarm hysteresis withdrawal.

Network function: isolated current output and RS485 communication interface; the upper and lower limits of current corresponding to pH output can be set arbitrarily.

Automatic conversion of the pH value of the standard liquid: the temperature curve of the standard liquid is pre-stored, and the pH value of the standard liquid at the set temperature is automatically converted during calibration.

Automatic identification of incorrect calibration: If the user uses the standard buffer incorrectly during calibration, the instrument will be prompted automatically.

JCMIK-PH8.0 Online PH Meter


1.High-precision measurement: An online pH meter has a highly accurate measurement capability, which can provide accurate pH measurement results. This is critical for applications that require high-precision pH measurements, such as laboratory research, industrial production, and water treatment.

2.Real-time monitoring: An online pH meter can monitor changes in the acidity and alkalinity of the solution in real-time. It can provide continuous measurement data to help users understand the trend of pH value in solution and take necessary adjustment measures in time.

3.Wide-range measurement: online pH meter usually has a wide range of measurement capabilities, and can adapt to different solutions of acidity and alkalinity measurement needs. Whether it is a strongly acidic solution or a strong alkaline solution, can be an accurate pH measurement.

4.Automatic calibration function: to ensure the accuracy of the measurement, many online pH meter are equipped with automatic calibration functions. They can calibrate the sensor through the built-in calibration program or external standard solution to ensure the accuracy and stability of the measurement results.

5.A variety of interfaces and communication features: modern online pH meter usually has a variety of interfaces and communication features, which can be with other equipment or systems for data interaction and integration. This allows them to realize remote monitoring, data logging, and alarm functions, providing a more convenient experience and data management.

JCMIK-PH3.0 Online PH Meter


1.Water treatment industry: online pH meter plays an important role in the water treatment process, used to monitor the pH of drinking water, industrial wastewater, swimming pool water, and other water bodies to ensure that the water quality meets the standards.

2.Food and beverage production: An online pH meter is used to monitor the acidity and alkalinity of food and beverages to ensure the quality and stability of the product, such as in the brewing process of the fermentation liquid monitoring, food processing process of acidity and alkalinity adjustment and so on.

3.Agriculture field: An online pH meter is used to measure the soil’s acidity and alkalinity to help farmers adjust the soil’s pH value, provide the most suitable growing environment, and promote the healthy growth and high yield of crops.

4.Laboratory research: An online pH meter is widely used in the field of scientific research to measure the acidity and alkalinity of experimental solutions. It can provide accurate pH data in biochemical research, drug development, environmental monitoring, and other fields to support scientific experiments.

5.Industrial process control: An online pH meter plays a key role in the industrial production process. It can be used to monitor changes in acidity and alkalinity during chemical reactions to control the reaction and product quality. In addition, in pulp and paper manufacturing, leather processing, electroplating, and other industrial processes, an online pH meter can also provide the necessary acidity and alkalinity measurement and control.

In summary, the online pH meter features high-precision measurement, real-time monitoring, wide-range measurement, automatic calibration, and multiple interface functions. It has a wide range of applications in fields such as water treatment, food production, agriculture, laboratory research, and industrial process control.


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