What is LoRaWAN Smart Water Meter

What is LoRaWAN Smart Water Meter

The Components of LoRaWAN Smart Water Meter

LoRaWAN smart water meter consists of telemetry base meter, wireless communication module and other components. This product can complete point-to-point data collection through the gateway, with low power consumption, long service life, and bidirectional data transmission, which provides a reliable guarantee for the accurate collection of real-time data. The wireless water meter automatically uploads data to the gateway every day, and the gateway automatically uploads the data to the network platform. This product has a simple structure, is easy to maintain and replace, and has no cable connection, so it is easy to install and quick to install.

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LoRaWAN Communication Protocol

The wireless remote water meter solution with LoRaWAN communication protocol and architecture mainly consists of two parts: LoRaWAN IoT water meter and smart meter reading gateway. The smart water meter embedded with LoRa technology can be connected to the LoRaWAN network for communication with the function of receiving and storing water meter data, and it can send real-time reports on the usage of public facilities. By using the LoRaWAN smart water meter solution with low power consumption, wide coverage and high meter reading success rate, Hangzhou Water Meter Co., Ltd. has successfully helped customers reduce costs and realize intelligent public utility management.

Functions of LoRaWAN Smart Water Meter

Remote Meter Reading

Traditional meter reading requires manual door-to-door reading, which is time-consuming and error-prone. LoRaWAN water meter can read water meter data remotely and in real time through wireless communication technology. This not only improves the efficiency of meter reading, reduces manpower costs, but also avoids possible errors in the process of meter reading. At the same time, remote meter reading can also achieve real-time monitoring of water meter data, timely detection of abnormalities, and improve the effectiveness of water management.

Water Leakage Detection

Through the built-in flow sensor and pressure sensor, LoRaWAN water meter can monitor the water flow and water pressure changes in real time. Once abnormal conditions are detected, such as water leakage or high water pressure, the system will immediately send an alert to notify the relevant personnel. This not only helps users find and solve water leakage problems in time and reduce water waste, but also improves the service life of the water meter.

Supports Remote Valve Control Function

With the help of remote communication technology, users can remotely control the valve switch of the water meter through mobile phone APP or computer. This is very useful for emergency control in some special cases, such as users forget to turn off the water source when they go out, they can turn off the water source in time through remote control to avoid unnecessary losses. In addition, the remote valve control function can also be used for remote control and scheduling of water sources by the water management department, which improves the utilization of water resources.

Data Analysis and Statistics Functions

By collecting a large amount of water meter data, the system can perform data analysis and statistics to provide users and water management departments with deeper insight and decision support. For example, it can analyse the user’s water use habits and water use trends to provide users with water use recommendations and water saving tips; it can also analyse the water use in different regions to provide water management departments with scientific water resources scheduling solutions.

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The Advantages of LoRaWAN Water Meter

Improve meter reading efficiency.

Instead of manually checking meters in dense high-rise buildings, Lora smart meters can automatically read water consumption data wirelessly, reducing manual meter reading errors.

Abnormal Water Use Detection.

LoRa smart meters allow users to track how much water they consume on a daily basis. By monitoring water usage data, abnormal water usage, such as leaks in customer pipes, can be identified and action taken to repair the leaks in a timely manner.

Better planning and management for water providers.

Smart metering infrastructure enables utilities to access and analyse large amounts of information, so they can make actionable insights and informed decisions to provide better resource management and production planning.

Enhanced customer service.

Providing a two-way interaction between the customer and the water provider, the LoRa smart metering solution offers more detailed customer patterns and usage visualisation. If a customer raises an issue or complaint, the utility can access detailed data to identify spikes or interruptions in usage, helping customers identify leaks in their homes.

Ideal platform for promoting water conservation.

With LoRa smart meters, customers can clearly see how much water they are overusing, and they will be more aware of how much water they are consuming. Water utilities and suppliers will find it easier to develop water saving programmes.

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