What Is the Application of Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer in Sugar Factory

What Is the Application of Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer in Sugar Factory


Control and monitoring in the sugar production process are crucial for product quality and production efficiency. In this process, zirconia analyzers play a key role. Zirconia oxygen analyzers, characterized by their high precision and stability, find extensive application in sugar factories due to their excellent chemical properties. This article delves into the application of zirconia oxygen analyzers in sugar factories, covering their principles, functionalities, advantages, and practical case studies.

Principles and Functionalities

The zirconia oxygen analyzer is an instrument based on zirconia sensors, and its working principle involves several aspects:

Oxygen ion sensor principle: The zirconia oxygen analyzer measures oxygen concentration by utilizing the interaction between oxygen ions and zirconia solid electrolyte at high temperatures. Under high-temperature conditions, oxygen ions can migrate through the zirconia solid electrolyte, which is a material with good stability and conductivity. When the oxygen concentration changes, the migration rate of oxygen ions in the zirconia solid electrolyte also changes, allowing the determination of oxygen concentration by measuring the resistance change.

Operating temperature: Zirconia oxygen analyzers typically operate at high temperatures, usually between 800°C and 1000°C. This high-temperature condition enhances the conductivity of zirconia solid electrolyte and the migration rate of oxygen ions.

The main functions of the zirconia oxygen analyzer in sugar factory production include:

Oxygen concentration measurement: By measuring oxygen concentration during the sugar factory production process, the zirconia oxygen analyzer helps in real-time monitoring of oxygen content, enabling adjustment of production parameters to ensure product quality and production efficiency.

Combustion efficiency monitoring: Combustion is a crucial aspect of sugar factory production, directly impacting energy consumption and product quality. The zirconia oxygen analyzer monitors oxygen content during combustion to assess combustion efficiency, optimize combustion parameters, reduce energy consumption, and improve production efficiency.


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Advantages of Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer in Sugar Factory

When discussing the advantages of zirconia oxygen analyzers in sugar factories, we need to consider the special requirements and challenges of sugar factory production. Zirconia oxygen analyzers are high-precision, high-stability analytical devices with many advantages suitable for various applications in sugar factories.

  • High-precision analysis

In sugar factory production processes, component analysis of raw materials, intermediates, and final products is crucial. Zirconia oxygen analyzers are renowned for their high-precision analysis capability, accurately measuring the content of various substances, including sugar concentration in syrup and impurity content in solutions. This high-precision analysis ensures effective control and assurance of product quality during the production process.

  • High stability and reliability

Sugar factories typically operate continuously, requiring long-term continuous operation of analytical equipment. In this scenario, the stability and reliability of analytical equipment are crucial. Zirconia oxygen analyzers are favored for their stable performance and reliable operating principles. They can maintain accurate analysis results during long-term operation, unaffected by environmental changes or equipment aging, thereby meeting the continuous production needs of sugar factories.

  • Corrosion resistance

Sugar factory production processes often involve corrosive substances such as acids and alkalis. Zirconia oxygen analyzers exhibit excellent corrosion resistance, allowing stable operation in corrosive environments without easily being damaged. This broadens their application range in sugar factories, enabling adaptation to various production conditions.

  • Real-time monitoring and automation control

With the advancement of technology, sugar factories increasingly emphasize real-time monitoring and automation control. Zirconia oxygen analyzers provide real-time analysis data and integrate with production line automation control systems, enabling real-time monitoring and control of the production process. This real-time monitoring and automation control help sugar factories improve production efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and enhance product quality and consistency.

  • Suitable for various application

Sugar factory production processes involve various substances and techniques, including raw material handling, syrup preparation, and sugar refining. Zirconia oxygen analyzers offer versatile applications, adaptable to different process environments and analytical needs for various substances. Whether it’s liquid or solid samples, high or low concentrations, zirconia oxygen analyzers excel, providing comprehensive analytical solutions for sugar factories.

  • Ease of maintenance and operation

In industrial environments like sugar factories, equipment maintenance and operation typically demand specific skills and experience. Zirconia oxygen analyzers are designed with simplicity, user-friendly interfaces, and ease of operation and maintenance. Operators can grasp operational techniques with minimal training, and maintenance costs are low, effectively reducing operational expenses for sugar factories.

  • Compliance with environmental requirements

With increasing environmental awareness, sugar factories are increasingly focused on reducing waste and pollutant emissions. Zirconia oxygen analyzers utilize non-polluting analytical technologies, producing no harmful waste, meeting environmental requirements. They assist sugar factories in achieving cleaner production, reducing environmental impact, and enhancing corporate social responsibility.



Application Cases of Zirconia Oxygen Analyzers in Sugar Factories

Sugar factories represent typical industrial production scenarios involving extensive liquid handling and chemical reactions. The application of zirconia oxygen analyzers in sugar factories primarily focuses on:

  • Syrup concentration control

Syrup concentration is a critical parameter in sugar factory production, directly impacting product quality and yield. Zirconia oxygen analyzers monitor the content of dissolved solids in syrup, enabling precise control of syrup concentration. By real-time monitoring, operators can adjust production parameters promptly, ensuring syrup concentration remains within ideal ranges, thus enhancing product quality and yield.

  • Fuel combustion process control

Sugar factories commonly use biomass as fuel for boiler heating, generating zirconium oxide during biomass combustion. Zirconia oxygen analyzers monitor the zirconium oxide content in combustion products, promptly detecting incomplete combustion or other anomalies to ensure boiler stability and safety. Real-time monitoring enables operators to adjust combustion parameters promptly, improving boiler thermal efficiency and safety.

  • Boiler water treatment control

The boiler system in sugar factories is a crucial piece of equipment, with boiler water quality directly impacting boiler operational efficiency and lifespan. Zirconia oxygen analyzers monitor the dissolved oxygen content in boiler water, promptly detecting water quality anomalies to prevent corrosion and scaling. Real-time monitoring enables operators to adjust water treatment parameters promptly, ensuring boiler safety.

  • Production process quality control

In addition to the above aspects, zirconia oxygen analyzers can also monitor the content of other components in liquids during the sugar factory production process, such as acidity, alkalinity, etc., enabling comprehensive monitoring and quality control of the production process. Real-time monitoring helps operators promptly identify production anomalies and take appropriate measures to ensure product quality meets standards.


Zirconia oxygen analyzers, as high-precision, stable, and reliable analytical instruments, play a crucial role in sugar factory production processes. With unique advantages in oxygen concentration measurement, combustion efficiency monitoring, and syrup concentration control, they facilitate intelligent control and optimization of production processes, enhancing product quality, production efficiency, while reducing energy consumption and environmental pollution. With the continuous development of sugar factory production technology and innovation in zirconia oxygen analyzer technology, the application of zirconia oxygen analyzers in sugar factories is expected to expand and deepen further.

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