What Method is Used to Check the Sealing of Pressure Transmitters

Pressure transmitters are commonly used in industrial and manufacturing settings to measure and monitor the pressure of various liquids, gases, and other substances. Ensuring the accuracy and reliability of pressure transmitters is essential for accurate readings and safe operations. To ensure the accuracy of readings, it is necessary to check the tightness of the pressure transmitter periodically. There are several standard methods for performing these checks, each designed to ensure the proper functioning of the pressure transmitter.

In this blog post, we will explore the standard methods for checking the tightness of pressure transmitters and how they can help ensure your equipment remains in top condition.

Pressure Transmitter

We are here to share with you the standard methods of pressure transmitter tightness checks.

  1. Adjust the pressure gradually and evenly, ensuring that the pressure in the transmitter’s measuring chamber reaches the upper measurement limit or is evacuated to 90% of its local atmospheric pressure.
  2. Cut off the pressure source, seal it for 15 minutes, and observe the pressure gauge within the last 5 minutes. The pressure value must not exceed 2% of the upper measurement limit during this time. If it does, take the necessary corrective action immediately.
  3. The high and low-pressure chambers are connected when the differential pressure transmitter performs a leak check. The high-temperature pressure transmitter is customized to the rated working pressure for observation. This ensures accurate readings and reliable results to ensure the system’s safety and provide efficient leak detection.

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