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BCST Woltman water meter can measure the volume of cold (hot) water passing through the pipeline.

  • Removable element structure, easy installation,
  • Maintenance register for universal use within this range detachable without Removing the meter from the pipeline;
  • Dry-dial, Magnetic drive sensitive action, small pressure loss;
  • Vacuum sealed register ensures the dial keep free from fog and keep the reading clear in a long term service;
  • Selected high-quality materials for steady & reliable characteristics;


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BCST your Expert Woltman Water Meter Supplier in China

BCST Woltman water meter measures the speed of the water flowing through with the assistance of a turbine. The rotation of the turbine is transmitted through a warm gear to the dry dial counter. BCST Woltman water meter has removable structure element, easy installation, and maintenance, and register for universal use.

Changing to a water meter may benefit you if you don’t use much water. it should even be worth changing to a meter if your property contains a high rateable value. this can be because some water bills are supported the rateable value of the property.

BCST is a professional Woltman water meter manufacturer with over 20 years of experience. BCST Woltman water meters are widely employed in water conservancy.

Why Use BCST Woltman Water Meter for Your Project

As China’s distributor and professional manufacturer of Woltman water meters since 2000, BCST has developed a comprehensive meter range and now includes a complete meter assembly line and provides a one-stop meter measurement solution.

With over 20 years of experience in manufacturing and trading, BCST is taken into account as a world brand exporting to over 100 countries worldwide. With ATEX, CE, SIL2, ISO, and RoHS certificates, BCST is your best choice for the Woltman water meter.

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Your Best Woltman Water Meter Manufacturer from China

This type of water meter can be used for a remote reading transmission system equipped with a built-in sensor.


–Measuring the volume of cold (hot) water passing through the pipeline


–Removable element structure, easy installation, and maintenance, register for universal use within this range detachable without Removing the meter from the pipeline;

–Dry-dial, Magnetic drive sensitive action, small pressure loss;

–Vacuum sealed register ensures the dial keep free from fog and keep the reading clear in a long term service;

–Selected high-quality materials for steady & reliable characteristics;

–Technical data conform to international standard ISO 4064.

Working condition

Water temperature: 0.1℃~40℃ ( 0.1℃~90℃ for a hot water meter)

Water pressure: ≤1.6Mpa

Maximum permissible errors

  • in the lower zone from min inclusive up to but excluding qt is ±5%
  • in the upper zone from inclusive up to and including qs is ±2% (±3% for a hot water meter)
Type Size   (mm) Class qs      Overload        Flow QP    Permanent          Flow qt      Transitional Flow qmin    Min.    Flow Min. Reading Max. Reading
m3/h m3
JCLC-50 50 A 30 15 4.5 1.2 0.0002 999,999
B 3.0 0.45
JCLC-65 65 A 50 25 7.5 2.0 0.0002 999,999
B 5 0.75
JCLC-80 80 A 80 40 12 3.2 0.002 999,999
B 8.0 1.2
JCLC-100 100 A 120 60 18 4.8 0.002 999,999
B 12 1.8
JCLC-125 125 A 200 100 30 8 0.002 999,999
B 20 3
JCLC-150 150 A 300 150 45 12 0.002 999,999
B 30 4.5
JCLC-200 200 A 500 250 75 20 0.002 999,999
B 50 7.5
JCLC-250 250 A 800 400 120 32 0.002 999,999
B 80 12
JCLC-300 300 A 1200 600 180 48 0.02 9,999,999
B 120 18

dimension-woltman water meter

Type Size L




Connecting flange
φD1             Outside  diameter φD2        Bolt circle diameter Connecting  Bolts


JCLC-50 50 200 261 165 125 4-M16
JCLC-65 65 200 271 185 145 4-M16
JCLC-80 80 225 279 200 160 8-M16
JCLC-100 100 250 289 220 180 8-M16
JCLC-125 125 250 299 250 210 8-M16
JCLC-150 150 300 319 285 240 8-M20
JCLC-200 200 350 346 340 295 8-M20(1.0MPa)
JCLC-250 250 400 434 395 350 12-M20(1.0MPa)
450 434 405 355 12-M24(1.6MPa)
JCLC-300 300 450 459 445 400 12-M20(1.0MPa)
500 459 460 410 12-M24(1.6MPa)

structure-woltman water meter

Code Description Material QTY
1 Screw For Sealing Stainless Steel 2
2 Cover With Lid Assembly 1
3 Sealed Register Assembly 1
4 Position Pin Stainless Steel 1
5 Lead Seal Bolt Stainless Steel 2
6 Adjusting Nut Brass 1
7 Gasket Brass 1
8 Flange Cover Cast Iron 1
9 O-ring Silicon Rubber 1
10 Bush Brass 1
11 Gasket Synthetic Rubber 1
12 Adjusting Lever Brass 1
13 Connecting Lever MPPO 1
14 Adjusting Plate MPPO 1
15 Support MPPO 1
16 Bolt Brass 1
17 Turbine Component Assembly 1
18 Rectifier MPPO 1
19 Screw Brass 1
20 O-ring Synthetic Rubber 1
21 Body Cast Iron 1
22 Screw M4×20 Stainless Steel 2
23 Gasket Stainless Steel 3
24 Retainer ABS 1
25 Fixing pin Brass 1
26 Screw Brass 4
27 Support ABS 1
28 Bolt M12×35 Stainless Steel 2
29 Gasket Stainless Steel 4
30 Upper Bearing Plate Brass 1
31 Upper Bearing Nylon With Graphite 1
32 Magnet Component Component 1
33 Transmission Shaft Stainless Steel                 1
34 Sheath MPPO 2
35 Bevel Gear Nylon 1
36 Lower Bearing Nylon With Graphite 1
37 Gasket Brass 4
38 Screw Brass 3
39 Nut Brass 1
40 Gasket Brass 1
41 Turbine Shaft Hold Brass 1
42 Turbine Shaft Tungsten Steel 1

Woltman Water Meter

1. What’s the Woltman water meter?

The Woltman water meter, also known as the screw-type water meter, is a velocity water meter. It is suitable for use in large diameter pipelines (DN 80 – DN 200). It is characterized by its large circulation capacity and low-pressure loss.

2. What’s the working principle of the Woltman water meter?

When the water flows into the water meter, along the axis of the direction of impact on the water meter screw-wing-shaped impeller rotation after outflow, the impeller speed is proportional to the speed of water flow, after the reduction gear drive, in the indicator device to show the total amount of water through the water meter.

3. What are the classifications of the Woltman water meters?

There are two main types of Woltman water meters: horizontal and vertical Woltman water meters. Most of the industrial meters used in China are flat screw-type water meters. In addition, the detachable flat Woltman water meter (dry type), because of its wide range of measuring flow, strong versatility of parts, installation and maintenance can be carried out without stopping the water without dismantling the meter, and other characteristics have also become one of the series of products and welcomed by users.

Horizontal Woltman water meter, also known as turbine type water meter, means that the axis of the screw wing of this water meter is parallel (or overlapping) with the axis of the water pipe, and its impeller adopts the shape of a screw wing. This does not mean that this type of water meter can only be installed horizontally. But, of course, suppose this kind of water meter needs to be installed vertically. In that case, it should be selected into the water side of the screw wing shaft bearing hole with a gem end flat bearing water meter to reduce friction resistance and extend the water meter’s service life. Some imported models of screw-wing water meters use dynamic balancing technology and can work in horizontal, inclined, and vertical states. Still, the measurement level of the meter should be reduced by one level when working in non-horizontal conditions.

Vertical Woltman water meters are suitable for water metering in applications where the flow rate varies considerably. Its vertical screw internal structure, wide measuring range, and high accuracy, R=200, is the preferred water metering apparatus for water resource management and charging departments. It improves the economic efficiency of water resource management through accurate measurement and reduces water waste. Moreover, it is very convenient to upgrade the intelligence, only need to replace the upper casing with a different telemeter module, can complete the intelligent upgrade transformation, is the water resources management department preferred large-diameter water meter, screw wing type high-precision large-diameter water meter.

4. What is the construction diagram of a Woltman water meter?  

The horizontal Woltman water meter means that the axis of the screw wing is perpendicular to the axis of the water main.

The structure is shown in the diagram:

  • flat washer; 2-bolt; 3-copper wire; 4-lead seal; 5-cover assembly; 6-instruction mechanism; 7-glass; 8-cover liner; 9-seal gasket; 10-movement; 11-O-ring; 12-case; 13-shunt ring; 14-gasket;

The vertical Woltman water meter’s screw wing is supported vertically, so its wear resistance is better than that of the horizontally screwed winged bushings. As a result, the small flow measurement capacity of the vertical Woltman water meter is more vital than that of the horizontal Woltman water meter.

The structure is shown in the diagram:

woltman water meter

1 – case; 2 – adjuster; 3 – copper wire; 4 – lead seal; 5 – sealing gasket; 6 – backing ring; 7 – indicating mechanism; 8 – gauge glass 9 – hood assembly; 10 – watch cover; 11 – wing wheel assembly; 12 – bracket assembly; 13 – rectifier assembly; 14 – slotted cheese head screws


4. What are the technical indicators of the Woltman water meter?

I. Allowable working pressure: 1Mpa.

II. Allowable temperature: 40℃ for cold water meters and 90℃ for hot water meters.

III. Measuring characteristics: the maximum permissible error in the low zone from including the minimum flow rate to excluding the dividing flow rate is ±5% for cold and hot water meters; the maximum permissible error in the high zone from including the dividing flow rate to including the overload flow rate is ±2% for cold water meters and ±3% for hot water meters.

5. What are the characteristics of Woltman water meters

Horizontal Woltman water meters

Horizontal screw-wing water meters are used to measure the total volume of water flow in high flow pipes. It is particularly suitable for water supply mains and large factories and mines for water consumption. The main characteristics are large circulation capacity, small volume, compact structure, easy use, and maintenance. The specification stipulates that the installation of the screw-wing water meter, the front of the meter, and the cold door should be not less than eight times the diameter of the water meter interface, at least 5D before and 3D after, the primary purpose of the required straight pipe length is to ensure the stability of the water flow, because the basis for ensuring the accuracy of the water meter is that the water flow is in a stable laminar flow state.

Vertical Woltman water meters:

I)Easy to maintain, the movement can be dismantled and replaced, maintenance is very convenient.

II)Intelligent and easy to upgrade, only need to replace the cover to upgrade to a remote water meter.

III)Low power consumption design. When upgraded to wireless remote transmission type, the battery can be used for 2~3 years, and the battery voltage can be viewed in real-time through the management software for easy replacement.

IV)When upgraded to wired remote transmission M-BUS/RS485 type, the normal working condition is powered by the communication line, and the built-in lithium battery can ensure the normal measurement of water meters for more than three years when the communication line is broken.

V)Remote meter reading: through the management software, the usage data can be read at regular intervals so that the water consumption can be monitored in real-time and abnormal water consumption can be easily detected and investigated.

VI)Excellent moisture resistance, passed IP68 waterproof level test, can be used with confidence

6. What are the precautions for installation use and maintenance

I) Wire requirements.

(Wires between water meter and collector) Distribution meter: use a cross-sectional area greater than or equal to 2 x 0.5mm2 copper core wire or network wire; RS485 bus direct reading water meter: use a cross-sectional area greater than 2 x 0.75mm2 copper core sheathed parallel wire for the power line; use 2 x 0.5mm2 copper core twisted shielded wire for the RS485 signal line.

C-Mbus bus direct reading water meter: within 500 m distance, use copper-core twisted shielded wire with a cross-sectional area of more than 2×0.75mm2 copper core; outside 500 m, use copper-core twisted shielded wire with a cross-sectional area of more than 2×1mm2 copper core.

II) Wiring requirements:

wiring in line with the hand-in-hand approach should be far away from power sources, high-frequency interference sources, heat sources, and corrosive places, especially do not and motor lines, high-power FM equipment, arc welding, pulse radiation robust equipment or lines mixed in parallel and these lines with interference between the distance of at least 5 meters. In addition, the shield should be connected to the earth at one end.

III) Wiring requirements:

Use special crimping tools and waterproof wiring, use high-quality communication industry-certified unique products for wiring, do not use inferior products. Otherwise, it will cause unpredictable faults in data communication transmission.

IV) When wiring, first put the heat-shrinkable tube inside the hose of the remote transmission line, connect the cable, then use the heat-shrinkable tube to protect the waterproof joint.

V) The water meter should be installed according to the instructions on the meter dial or the cover, with the “H” mark for horizontal installation, the meter dial facing upwards, the direction of the case arrow and the direction of the pipe water flow, the upstream of the water meter should be equipped with a control valve to facilitate the removal and maintenance of the water meter. Likewise, the upstream of the water meter should be provided with a control valve to facilitate the removal and maintenance of the meter.

VI) The installation site should be protected from sun and freezing, avoiding pollution and flooding, facilitating disassembly and reading, and taking anti-freezing measures in winter.

VII) Construction should pay attention to protecting hoses and wires, forbidden to tear the hose handling water meter, to avoid hose off or wire sheath rupture.

VIII) The newly installed pipeline should be cleared of debris in the channel first to prevent the water meter from being blocked. Then, when the water meter is installed, pay attention to the connection length of the water meter. When the pipe spacing between the two ends exceeds the connection length of the water meter, is too short, or is not on the same axis, the pipe spacing should be amended; otherwise, the water meter fittings will be damaged or not installed.

IX) Coldwater tables installed in the boiler water inlet end to prevent hot water and steam reflux from the scalding water table.

X) Long-term use of the water table, due to debris in the pipeline, rust, and other blockages, causing changes in error, the user shall not destroy the seal, can be repaired to the water meter testing station.

XI) The specifications are selected according to the flow of the pipe. Therefore, using the flow close to or less than the standard flow is appropriate. It can not determine the water meter’s caliber with the pipe’s caliber.

XII) The water meter is made of dry and wet types. Therefore, water meter glass below the water, water vapor, etc., is a normal phenomenon. However, in use because of old pipes, poor water quality or installed at the end of the pipeline, will cause rust pollution, affecting the reading.

XIII) The upper part of the water meter, that is, the pipeline system should use the least elbow and valve, the water meter should always be filled with water, and make the flow to zero is not less than 0.005Mpa, to avoid the pipeline into the air, if the air may enter the water meter, to prevent “water hammer” fluctuations and water meter reversal, should be installed in the upstream of the water meter bleed valve, to ensure the accuracy of water meter measurement. Ensure the accuracy of water meter measurement.

XIV) When water is not used, if the meter has a small movement due to the unstable pressure of the water flow in the pipeline or due to other reasons, a check valve can be installed at the front of the meter to prevent these situations from occurring and to ensure accurate measurement of the meter.

XV) If the water meter or its accessories are damaged as a result of the installation and use in strict accordance with the installation notes, all losses will be borne by the installer.

7. What are the differences between the Woltman water meter and the rotor water meter?

I.The rotation axis is not in line with the direction of water flow

I)The spiral rotating wing of the Woltman water meter is placed on the rotor, whose rotation axis is parallel to the water flow.

II)The radial rotating wing of the rotary-wing water meter is placed on the rotor whose rotation axis is perpendicular to the water flow.

II.Different appearance

I)The Woltman water meter is like a letter “I” shape road.

2)Rotary water meter looks like a “big belly” water meter.

III.Different uses

1)The Woltman water meter is suitable for use in large diameter pipelines (DN80-DN200), mainly used as an industrial meter.

2)Rotary wing water meter for small diameter pipeline of the total amount of one-way water flow measurement. Such as special caliber 15mm, 20mm specification piped household water consumption measurement.

IV.Different functions

1)Woltman water meter circulation capacity, pressure loss is small, but the measurement accuracy is low.

II)Rotary wing water meter structure is simple, circulation capacity is large, measurement accuracy is high.


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