YTK-18/02 explosion-proof pressure controller

 Pressure controllers are suitable for measuring the pressure of hazardous fluid media and for positional (one- or two-position) control.

 Controller is the role of elastic elements to drive the role of micro-switch pressure control instrumentation.

 The controller has the advantages of reasonable structure, accurate action, reliable use, high frequency of opening and closing, good vibration resistance and large contact capacity.

 Two-position controller is equipped with a device for adjusting the switching difference, so that the measured and controlled medium of the upper and lower switching value can be adjusted to the appropriate pressure control range.

  • Price Term: FOB/CIF/EXW/DAP
  • Package: Exported Wooden case or according to customer request
  • Delivery Time:  7 to 10 working days
  • Transports: By sea, by air, by high express
  • Shipment Port: Shanghai Port
  • Origin of Place: Jiangsu
  • Warranty: 12 Months

The controller consists of a measuring system, a control unit, an adjusting mechanism, a housing, a plug holder, etc.

The working principle of the controller is based on the elastic deformation of the detecting element (spring tube in the measuring system) to drive the functioning element (microswitch in the control device) to produce rapid switching jump action. That is, under the pressure of the measured (control) medium, the free end of the spring tube is forced to produce the corresponding elastic displacement, and the end of the tube is connected to the micro-switch in the button (pusher) also produces the corresponding action, to be the pressure reaches the set control value of the moment, the switch contact is switched to control the system in the circuit can be disconnected or connected to achieve the purpose of automatic control and send a message.

Operating Viscosity <1×10-3m2/s
Switching Elements micro switch
Explosion-Proof Class Exed II B T4~T6
Explosion-proof Certificate No. GYB071330
Enclosure Protection Class IP65 (in accordance with DIN40050, equivalent to IP65 in GB4208)
Ambient Temperature -25℃~70℃, relative humidity is not more than 90%.
Medium Temperature 0℃ ~130℃
Vibration Resistance Max 40m/s2
Repeatability Error ≤1.5%
Contact Capacity AC 380V 2A  or  DC 220V 3A
Installation Position Pressure connection vertically down
Types Model Number Pressure Range Mpa
Normal Type Adjustable YTK-18/02 0~0.6, 0~1, 0~2.5 , 0~4

0~10 , 0~16, 0~25, 0~40

Corrosion-Resistant Adjustable YTK-18/02F
  1. The working medium temperature of the product is T4≤120℃, T5≤95℃, T6≤80℃.
  2. The field use should comply with the principle of “strictly prohibit the opening of the lid with electricity;
  3. the shell should be reliably grounded when the product is in use;
  4. the cited cable protection sleeve outer diameter of φ 10 ~ φ 12, field use should tighten the nut, so that the sealing ring tightly hold the cable sheath.
  5. Users are not allowed to replace the parts of the product by themselves;
  6. The installation, use and maintenance of the product should also comply with the instruction manual, GB3836.13-1997 “Electrical Equipment for Explosive Gas Environments, Part 13: Explosive gas environment with electrical equipment overhaul”, GB3836.16-2006 “Electrical Equipment for Explosive Gas Environments Part 16: Inspection and Maintenance of Electrical Installations (except coal mines)”, andGB50257-1996 “Electrical Equipment Installation Engineering Explosion and Fire Hazardous Environment Electrical Installation and AcceptanceSpecification”



Explosion-proof Pressure Controller

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